Decals for Uneven Surfaces

Decals for Different Occasions

by Mike Dudek  

Decals for Different Occasions

Not all adhesive substrates are created equal.

Some are better for certain applications than others, and there are many that can be used in a variety of settings.  Some are intended for long term use, and others are not.  Some work better on glass or metal, whereas others are ideal for painted surfaces like drywall.  And there are also specialty decals that can be applied to textured surfaces.

Britten offers a variety of printed adhesive substrates, and has the expertise to recommend the right one for you!


Large format decals like the ones pictured above are on a 3M material that lends itself well to an uneven surface like brick, concrete or even stucco. The decals can be trimmed to shape on site, or slightly heated for easier application and removal.


That same material also works well on metal, such as the sliding overhead door shown above. This material is flexible enough to bend with the hinges of this hanger door.  Printed in 30″ paneled strips for ease of installation, the finished presentation is seamless.


Decal can be applied to nearly any surface, curved or flat.  These table decals are printed on a specialty decal that holds up well to repeated contact.  A similar material is ideally suited to floor graphics, and treated with a non-slippery laminate.  Rounded corners help keep the edges from peeling.


On the elevators pictured above, temporary decals were printed on a low tack material that conforms well to this particular application. The graphic carries over both the elevator doors, cuts around the up/down buttons, even looks great when back lit!


Sometimes it’s important to have windows blocked on one side, but vision unobstructed from within.  Then you want ViewThru™ window decals, which gives you a vivid graphic facing the street, and let you see clearly from inside of your building.


In some cases (as with elevators), this may even be mandated by fire code. As a safety consideration, passengers must be able to see out from within.


This project was also recently completed on ViewThru material, but notice how the sections were paneled to overlap the mullions.  (What are mullions, you ask? A vertical piece of stone, wood, metal, etc., dividing a window or other opening.  In this case, they’re aluminum!)  This massive graphic measures over 20′ H x 190′ W overall.


We can also show you a concept sketch of what your graphic will look like. This  illustration depicts a proposed location and design for a potential sponsorship.  Even before the mall was completed and opened its doors for business, media locations were sold out for the remainder of the year!


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