Box pop shipping container kitchen with a custom designed kitchen.
Custom shipping container retail space in an outdoor pod park.
Box Pop shipping container gym space at an outdoor pod park.
Custom shipping container kitchen with open sides and a custom kitchen.
Custom box pop shipping containers at a shipping container park.
Box pop retail space shipping container in a shipping container park.
Shipping container event space with rooftop seating in downtown New York City.
Box Pop shipping container serving window at a shipping container park.

Pod Park Containers


Get in on the hottest, cost-effective, and environment-friendly solution for revitalizing downtown areas. Container-based commercial properties turn empty, sprawling parking lots and smaller, vacant lots into money-making developments a community can be proud of.

If you have an idea for a pop-up community park or multi-structure food, retail, or office property, the BoxPop® team has the experience to turn your dream into a reality. With concepting, fabrication, and installation capabilities all under one roof, we deliver highly personalized service and dramatically reduced construction time to get your property—and revenue—up and running in no time.

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Multi-use, custom structures
delivered in weeks, not months
Rent or purchase with competitive
pricing and lease-to-own options
Available in 10’ 20’ and 40’
standard and custom builds

I place the order, I get the proofs, I approve the proofs, you produce the banners and ship. How much easier can it be? Britten has good, fast service and always does a great job!

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