Pod Park Containers


Get in on the hottest, cost-effective, and environment-friendly solution for revitalizing downtown areas. Container-based commercial properties turn empty, sprawling parking lots and smaller, vacant lots into money-making developments a community can be proud of.

If you have an idea for a pop-up community park or multi-structure food, retail, or office property, the BoxPop® team has the experience to turn your dream into a reality. With concepting, fabrication, and installation capabilities all under one roof, we deliver highly personalized service and dramatically reduced construction time to get your property—and revenue—up and running in no time.

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Multi-use, custom structures
delivered in weeks, not months
Rent or purchase with competitive
pricing and lease-to-own options
Available in 10’ 20’ and 40’
standard and custom builds

This was my first experience with Britten. I was extremely impressed with entire team that took care of me on my project. Everyone was incredibly efficient!

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