Modular Construction for Cape Cod Inflatable Park |

Modular Construction for Cape Cod Merchandise Stand

Yarmouth, Massachusetts


Dotted with historical towns, iconic lighthouses and scenic sea views, Cape Cod exudes pleasant New England charm—and is a prime destination for family vacations. Tucked into the cozy village of West Yarmouth is Cape Cod Inflatable Park.

A family-oriented inflatable play park, Cape Cod needed a sturdy merchandise booth matching the unmistakable architectural style of the area. Operating on the behalf of the inflatable park, Kingdom Productions enlisted BoxPop® for a fully modular construction build for this retail stand.


Employing a standard 20’ single custom shipping container as the platform, BoxPop® set to work creating a functional merchandise store with New England character. For open patron access, three large entryways were cut into the length of the container. Outfitted with pull-down doors, the shop could easily be closed and secured at the end of the day.

Fully wired and plumbed for exterior hook-up, installed with retail slatwalls throughout, and completed with durable flooring, this modular build was as turn-key ready as possible upon arrival. Boasting a finished exterior featuring a gabled roof, twin dormers and iconic wood shake siding, this modular construction merchandise stand had all the makings of a classic Cape Cod shanty but with modern amenities.


Labeled as “Orren’s Island” by the Cape Cod Inflatable Park, this modular construction build by BoxPop® was merchandise ready. Loaded with retail inventory “from swimwear to souvenirs,” the completed stand nestled perfectly into the fun atmosphere of the family-friendly park.

Covered in attractive wood shake siding and constructed with a complete gabled roof overtop, this BoxPop® was unrecognizable as a shipping container and instead resembled a quaint beach shanty perfectly suited to essence of Cape Cod.

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