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BoxPop® sets the stage with Jacob's Farm music event stage


Established in 1892, Jacob’s Farm located just outside Traverse City has undergone significant changes from its inaugural days as a family homestead. Passed down for generations, perhaps the largest transformation was in 2008 when owners Mike and Laverna Witkop decided to add their first corn maze. Since then, this 40-acre centennial farm has evolved into a multi-faceted event space with numerous public offerings. From the favored corn-maze to u-pick produce, all the way up to a full-service bar with gastropub cuisine, Jacob’s Farm has become a preferred destination for locals and visitors alike. To better serve this influx of patrons, Jacob’s Farm enlisted BoxPop® to construct a bank of restrooms from a shipping container. Pleased with how this project turned out, Jacob’s Farm co-owner, Troy Daily, reached out to BoxPop® once again–this time to complete a customized music stage to host a rotating cast of talent and add some live musical flair to this ever evolving rural/charming/agricultural/farm/bucolic/pastoral venue.


To create this cozy bandshell, the BoxPop® team opted for a 20 foot single container. The charm lay in its relative simplicity. Featuring a large drop-away wall that became the stage floor, the opened container interior was uncluttered—a vacant venue for artists and musicians to fill with their sounds and song. But the employ of empty space doesn’t mean this performance platform was low tech. Completely integrated with electrical hookups and outlets to plug in amps, guitars, and any other necessary sound equipment, this soundstage was prepped to play. With an exterior painted in matte black, and an interior backdrop adorned with whitewashed boards and an eclectic logo in rope lasso font, this alluring amphitheater nestled perfectly into the rural charm of Jacob’s Farm.


The final result was an inviting stage space that enhanced the existing agritourism appeal of Jacob’s Farm. With a designated location for live music and local talents, the new BoxPop® container stage will no doubt add further draw to an already popular destination. Pleased with their first BoxPop® installation, when Jacob’s Farm needed a soundstage solution, they were enthused to become repeat customers. “BoxPop was great to work with!” said Jacob’s Farm co-owner, Troy Daily. “Their communication was on point and were always on top of any questions or concerns. The team values quality and wants to make sure everything performs and operates correctly. We truly enjoyed working with BoxPop and would recommend them to others looking to create a unique stage setting.”

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