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Britten Performs for Breakaway Music Festival



Plotting along a multi-location tour, Breakaway Music Festival is a traveling collection of the top electronic and popular music performers. Making way-stops in North Carolina, Kansas, Michigan, California and more, this wandering assemblage of artists is one music festival not to be missed. Sporting numerous vendors and food and beverage stands to service patrons, Breakaway Music Festival needed an attractive branding package for vendors, VIP lounge areas, and the Breakaway mainstage. Acting on behalf of the event organizers, Prime Social Group reached out to Britten for a bold solution that could match the Breakaway vibe and cover the festival in vibrant branding.


Requiring numerous assets that could cover the Breakaway Music Festival from mainstage to VIP lounge, Prime Social Group opted for an extensive order of Britten mesh solutions. For vendor and sponsor White Claw® Hard Seltzers, a seamless 60-foot span of fence scrim in adorned with brand logos was integrated into the existing infrastructure. Looking to create distinct notice for the Space Deck VIP lounge, a large mesh print was once again employed for the frontage of this elevated observation location.

Catering to the concertgoers of the secondary stage, Britten produced a large overhead sunshade. Printed with a splashy cartoon graphic, this playful and practical element was a welcomed reprieve for the heat! And topping off this Britten branding package was an expansive selection of AdMesh™ headlining the Breakaway Music Festival mainstage. Printed with muted tones in the middle with bright accents on each side, this tasteful backdrop was the perfect centerpiece to highlight the performing talent!


Specializing in large format print solutions, Britten Inc proved once again their aptitude for creative branding solutions. Crafting massive mesh pieces that would benefit numerous parties including vendors like White Claw®, attending VIPs and general admission alike, and setting the mainstage for a full slate of performers, Britten was an integral partner for branding the Breakaway Music Festival. Fast, functional and a single-source solution provider, Britten is the leading maker of large-format print options that shape and environment and create the venues our clients have always envisioned!

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