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Matching Graphics for ActionGlow™

Traverse City, MI


The Porter brothers have always been ambitious. Avid snow sports enthusiast, these siblings turned business partners were seeking a way to keep riding that next line even after the sun went down.

Sprung from this snowboarding lifestyle was ActionGlow™—an LED kit that you affix to your action equipment. Gaining recent notoriety on ABC’s “Sharktank,” the Porter brothers also spread the ActionGlow™ awareness with a converted mobile marketing bus!

Emblazoned with custom murals on both sides, the ActionGlow™ team needed a window solution that would allow for interior visibility without impeding the bold exterior artwork. That’s when the Porter’s turned to Britten Inc. for an innovative solution for their entrepreneurial endeavors!


Employing ViewThru™, a specially formatted graphic designed with perforations, the Britten Inc. created a tailored package for the ActionGlow™ bus. Drafted to be an exact color match and coordinated to every contour of the custom murals, these window decals were a perfect fit.

Applied to each individual window along the bus length, these graphics provided interior light and visibility throughout the whole bus and were custom cut to match the mural perfectly. Professionally installed and with a tight turn around, Britten Inc offered an optimum solution that matched the mural flow and kept the ActionGlow™ team on the go.

Tack on a graphics package of brand logos to add to empty spaces and a prominent printed image for the engine hood and this deck-out school bus turned mobile marketing machine was ready to hit the road!


Agile and accurate, Britten, Inc. is the ideal partner for a rising brand like ActionGlow™. Able to deftly match evolving vision and offer solutions with quick turnaround, Britten, Inc. is the reliable collaborator for enterprising businessowners like the Porter brothers.

“With Britten, it was to the point,” said Dakota Porter, “They were on the ground running [and] they were able to complete this super quick!”

Pleased with the results, Garret Porter also noted, “Super seamless! The final artwork turned out insane! We’re so excited with the outcome.”

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