Custom branded Box Pop shipping containers at a pod park.
Box Pop shipping containers for retail sponsors at outdoor events.
Custom BoxPop shipping containers for event sponsors at an LPGA event.
Custom retail shipping container from BoxPop.

Retail Pop-Up


Welcome to the evolution of the retail industry. Modified shipping containers deliver functional, versatile retail space that makes traditional stores look and feel boring by comparison.

Customized as simple or elaborate as necessary to meet your needs, BoxPop® modular structures give small start-ups the freedom to test new ideas and grow a solid customer base. For established businesses, an “industrial cool” shipping container storefront provides a lower-cost, mobile solution for breaking into new market territories without breaking the bank.

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Standard lengths (10′, 20′, 40′) and
custom built-to-order sizes
Semi-mobile for set up anywhere
target customers gather
Accelerated construction time compared
to foundational structure

Thanks to the entire Britten/BoxPop team for their exceptional work and support on this program. The systems we received were of extremely high quality, which is a direct reflection of the great people there who were part of making those systems.

Mac Melnik, Research Leader / Batelle

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