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After taping thousands of ankles in his 20 years serving as head football trainer at University of Nebraska, Doak Ostergard sought to invent a better ankle brace—one that would support and stabilize the joint while still allowing it to move. The IFAST brace (designed to be worn inside a shoe for hardcourt sports) and the XFAST (worn over the shoe, for cleated sports) were born. Innovative braces for shoulders, knees, and wrists followed. After four years of online, wholesale, and word-of-mouth success, ARYSE executives wanted to show athletes their incredible products firsthand. They turned to BoxPop® to construct a mobile showroom that could easily travel to sporting events across the country.


Beginning with one 20’ long shipping container, BoxPop® engineers added a flip-down door to maximize floor space. Fabricators painted the pop-up in classic black and affixed one large ARYSE logo decal to the back exterior wall. Within the container, team members installed 16x16 laminated aluminum panels for a clean and bright look. Four life size test tubes served as display cases for the signature braces, and one mannequin sized test tube showed them in action. LED light up fixtures and panels on the ceiling and floor illuminated the products even further, while TV screens conveyed important product details. Shelving units and cabinetry added additional storage and completed the retail container.


In the coming months, the ARYSE pop-up will travel to various sports complexes, tradeshows, and athletics events nationwide. The showroom’s mobility creates hundreds of new networking and selling opportunities for the athletic brace company. Britten’s team delights in inventing innovative solutions for the new era of retail and is looking forward to seeing the ARYSE showroom in action.

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