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Pop-Up Boutique for Ruinart at Frieze Art Fair

New York, New York


The LVMH brands, such as Ruinart have always prioritized environmental consciousness, given that their champagne's delicate flavor is heavily dependent on the seasonal growing conditions. In opposition of rising climates, Ruinart hosts a yearly exposition, titled Conversations with Nature, where artists from around the globe are invited to demonstrate their interpretations on the global phenomenon.

The Frieze New York Art Fair was selected to display the work of Andrea Bowers, one of the six featured artist-activists. In order to build out the event space and frame the artwork with an appropriate aesthetic, Ruinart enlisted the renowned French marketing agency, Hopscotch Luxe, to find an event fabrication company that would be capable of integrating diverse mediums to match the organic theme for their scenic environment, as well as be able to complete it within a tight five-week time frame.


Under the strict requirements of Ruinart's project, Hopscotch Luxe reached out to us at Britten, where we pride ourselves on our highly custom event fabrication capabilities under tight turnaround times. On Ruinart's behalf, Hopscotch Luxe provided the conceptual design for the space, and our team was tasked to perform the engineering design and event fabrication to finish it off. This design called for several varied materials in order to achieve the completed aesthetic, including custom woodwork, print, and hardware. Art installation projects with these types of differing mediums are rarely produced under one roof, but Britten's wide variety of capabilities and product breadth allowed us to create a full scenic environment and install it to make the process easy and seamless for Ruinart.


The completed space appealed exactly to Ruinart's design, and excelled in highlighting Bowers's art installation. With a sleek and modern vibe accented with a plethora of green imagery, the culmination of our team's work was delivered right on time with no compromises to quality. After everything was said and done, Jean from Hopscotch left us a glowing comment: "Thank you very much for the excellent work your team completed for us with the Ruinart art exhibit. I really enjoyed working with Britten on this project and we are extremely happy with the end result."

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