BannerSaver™ Pole Banner Brackets for Downtown Phoenix |

Pole Banner Brackets for Downtown Phoenix

Phoenix, AZ


Anticipating thousands of fans to pack into the capital city for Super Bowl LVII, Downtown Phoenix Inc (DPI), sought to create a celebratory atmosphere. Coupled with an existing initiative to cultivate an immersive sidewalk experience, DPI decided upon on an extensive light pole banner program.

Intended to be displayed throughout the downtown Phoenix area, these light pole banners would highlight the upcoming championship and also feature messaging promoting the culture and atmosphere of the city. An extensive undertaking, Downtown Phoenix turned to BannerSaver™ for a reliable light pole banner bracket system that would endure long after the game clock ran out.


Patented and proven to withstand winds up to 90mph, the BannerSaver™ brackets were the ideal solution for protecting the Downtown Phoenix light pole banners. Able to provide over 350 light pole brackets that were distributed and installed throughout the downtown area, the BannerSaver™ team showcased their ability for high volume output and dependable service.

Adaptable to nearly any application, the BannerSaver™ brackets were able to be affixed to a variety of light pole shapes including square and rectangular light poles, offering a streamlined and universal solution for the entire project.


Able to fulfill even a city-sized order, the BannerSaver™ team definitively demonstrated their capacity for quality service and comprehensive solutions. Providing a full array of dependable and durable pole banner bracket hardware, the BannerSaver system proved to be the optimum solution for promoting the Downtown Phoenix initiatives and for protecting their display investments. Patented, tested, and unmatched, the BannerSaver™ pole banner bracket is the authority on pole banner displays and the trusted brand name for prolonging banner investment lifespan!

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