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Pole Banner Brackets for Buffalo Bills Sponsor


The Buffalo Bills faithful have earned a distinct notoriety. Dubbed the Bills Mafia, many a folding table has been felled by the body-slamming faithful of this football franchise. Understanding this fierce loyalty and servicing its enthusiastic patrons is Delta Sonic—the official car wash of the Buffalo Bills (and NHL Buffalo Sabres). Intending to promote their sponsorship, Delta Sonic enlisted BannerSaver™ banner brackets to properly secure pole banners promoting their affiliation with Buffalo pro sports.


Producing quality hardware designed to preserve pole banner investments, BannerSaver™ banner brackets provided 100 sets of bracket systems to Delta Sonic. Tested to withstand gale force winds once affixed, these resilient banner brackets are certain to extend the lifespan of pole banners. Designed to spill wind rather than resist it, the BannerSaver™ banner brackets provided for Delta Sonic are made to endure even the blustery winter gales—just like the hardy Bills faithful.


Able to produce 100 BannerSaver™ bracket systems for Delta Sonic, Britten proved once more their capability for rapid and quality work. “This company is very customer oriented, and we give them what they are looking for when it comes to car care,” stated Nick Calabretta, supervisor for Delta Sonic. “Your product (BannerSaver™), has helped us through the years displaying what we need displayed, and it is a great product.” Secured with dependable BannerSaver™ brackets, these vibrant red and blue pole banner displays are sure to proudly wave outside Delta Sonic for many seasons to come.

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