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Paul’s corner, october 2018

Mecum is a leader in live auctions of collector and classic cars, and memorabilia with events across the country.

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Denver premium outlets

Denver Premium Outlets officially opened for business on September 27th offering a mix of fashion brands, athletic apparel, and a range of dining options.

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Introducing the durst fabric printer

Britten’s new Durst printer increases our capacity to print fabric more efficiently and with the expanded capability of running all materials.

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Paul’s corner, november 2018

Britten is helping to enliven Peoria with more public art, including this 50′ H x 30′ W framed banner that was recently installed there.

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Paul’s corner, december 2018

This Foam3D™ logo was the center of attention at the LPGA’s nationally televised finale, also appearing prominently on the newswire and social media.

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Case study: rube goldberg

(Bank of America) wanted to to illustrate conceptually how each swipe of a credit card would start a chain reaction towards ending the AIDS epidemic.

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Case study: cabi fashion show

The city of Los Angeles played host this month to over 3,500 women from around the country, who descended upon the city for The Scoop.

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Paul’s corner, february 2019

Preparations are underway at Daytona International Speedway, and one of the major updates include the rebranding of the Florida Hospital injector.

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Rube goldberg machine in nyc

At Bryant Park Winter Village in New York City, Bank of America and their partner RED®, wanted to display a unique activation.

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