Corrugated rigid signs lining the sidewalk.
Custom corrugated rigid signs advertising a storefront inside of a mall.
Custom rigid signs used for mile markers in a marathon.

Corrugated Signs

brilliance across the board.

When your promotion calls for mass messaging in the great outdoors, our corrugated cardboard sets the bar for versatility, great color, and toughness. Cut it, staple it, punch grommet holes in it for hanging. Takes a beating from rain, sun, and human handling before showing any sign of aging.

TOP CHOICE FOR campaign yard signs, race day mile markers, event frame signs, stadium trash and recycling bins, truss column tower signage.

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Water and weatherproof
for outdoor campaigns
Cost-effective for
high-volume orders
Lightweight and versatile
for mass messaging

The team is very helpful to answer questions, provide guidance and/or quickly respond with quotes. And, better yet, the product is always spot on! In this last instance, the advice our rep provided to upgrade to a different print product made this a big win to assuage client concerns.

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