Modular Temporary Walls

customize your space with a modular wall system.

Sometimes you need some space—create your own with modular temporary walls. Lightweight, intuitive, and efficiently assembled (or disassembled) without specialized tools, this modular wall system is made to respond to an evolving retail environment, business model, or changing workspace.

Available in 2-foot increments (up to 16ft) for standardized formatting, temporary walls can easily conform to the shape or design of your envisioned space. Made from durable material and with reusable application, these temporary partition walls are a viable and cost-effective alternative to soon-to-be discarded plywood or expensive and labor-intensive drywall. A modular wall system that is ideal for cordoning off construction, reimagining retail space, and shaping a small business or office atmosphere, temporary walls can shape the interior your business requires.

Paneled with abrasion-resistive vinyl and framed with aluminum supports, temporary walls are made to last and are simple to maintain. Maximize the surplus surface of these temporary wall panels by embellishing with striking branding or utilizing it as revenue generating ad-space. Rounded off with vibrant graphics and impactful messaging, the enclosure created by temporary walls will exude a professional permeance that other temporary wall solutions cannot replicate.

Converting any formless concourse into an organized interior with identity, let temporary walls create the space your business needs.

Easily refresh and customize your modular temporary walls with printed graphics.

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Made from aluminum
and reusable
Felxible, moveable, and
Easy to break-down/disassembly

ways to use temporary walls

modular wall system
Modular Wall System


Size to scale of your retail. Able to subdivide any large vacant concourse into an individualized storefront, utilize temporary wall panels to create a space specifically tailored to your storefront for a fraction of the cost of conventional construction.

Temporary barricade walls inside of the Atlanta Airport
Temporary barricade walls for construction inside of an airport


Get guests to their destination seamlessly. Designed for easy set up, barricades are the perfect solution to direct travelers, block off work zones, and conceal closed store fronts during renovations.

modular wall for casino
modular wall system for casino


Accommodate guests and create a welcoming atmosphere without leaving it up to chance. Cordoning off sections for renovations or using as a branded expansion, temporary partition walls can slot seamlessly into casino environments.

Temporary Wall


Functional temporary wall solutions to fit your budget. Build-out or divide-up existing space at your school or university without the hefty cost or considerable disruption of construction.

modular wall barricade
Mallforms barricade inside of a mall.


Go from excuse our mess to get ready for this. Less expensive than drywall, easy to set-up, and reusable, modular wall systems are the perfect solution to hide renovations at shopping centers, office buildings, airports, bus stations, and other public spaces.

The wall looks fantastic and is much better than what we’ve had in the past. I’m very happy with it and you folks have really put together a system that is easy to work with.

Brandon H. / C&P Tax Service

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