Top 5 Uses for Modular Walls | Temporary Wall Ideas |
temporary barricade walls with advertisements on them temporary barricade walls with advertisements on them
temporary barricade walls with advertisements on them

Top 5 Uses for Modular Walls | Temporary Wall Ideas

Maximize available space with Modular Temporary Walls by Britten Inc.

Give yourself some space. Whether it’s altering an existing retail location or cordoning off a site for renovation, a modular wall is the easy to assemble solution. Tailored to your specific project and intended to bypass the hang-ups of conventional construction, learn about all the ways modular walls can satisfy your spatial needs with the temporary wall ideas below!

MallForms temporary wall barricade inside of a mall modular wall system

1. Construction

Spend less time on site-prep and get down to business with modular walls. Easy to assemble and able to be reconfigured for future projects, these partition walls function perfectly as construction barricades.

Allowing for more rapid set-up than drywall installation, and reducing post-construction waste, modular walls are a true asset that contractors can rely on. Available in 2-foot increments for a standardized formatting, modular walls create an enclosed, secure jobsite that can be rearranged as the project progresses.

Modular Wall System A long wall of temporary barricades inside of a shopping center

2. Retail Space

Scale to the size of your space! From expanding space for a growing business to subdividing existing square footage, modular walls are an excellent option for an evolving retail business. Innovative and designed for efficient assembly, these versatile walls are ideal for creating pop-up environments within an established store space or dividing up product offerings. Less disruptive than conventional construction barricades, modular walls keep your retail location relevant to the latest trends without interrupting store hours.

Boyd Gaming Casino Modular Temporary Wall modular wall system for casino

3. Casinos

Beyond providing the entertainment of dazzling slots and bright table games, casinos are centered on guest hospitality. Focused on creating an immersive environment to promote customer satisfaction, ongoing renovation or construction can be a distraction.

Replace blank drywall with a branded modular wall that can blend into the surrounding settings. Able to be integrated with customized branding packages, temporary walls make excellent construction barricades that keep the public safe and mask any ongoing renovation.

Modular Temporary Wall for airport Temporary barricade walls for construction inside of an airport

4. Airports

Venture to any major airport and it’s likely a portion of terminal is undergoing renovation. Often the result of modernizing efforts or planned expansion, an airport is rarely at rest. Expediate construction delays with modular walls.

Reusable and highly adaptable to shifting requirements, these durable walls can function as construction barricades and can be reutilized for different projects. Able to accommodate decals and branding packages, graphic walls can exhibit the anticipated finished project or advertise to commuters. Highly versatile and easy to assemble, modular walls soar when typical construction barricades leave you stranded.

Modular temporary walls educationb 1 Modular temporary walls educationc 1

5. Education

Whether it's changes in districts, building restructuring or just a gradual increase of new students, school populations can quickly fluctuate. Often operating with modest budgets and finite infrastructure, space comes at a premium for educational buildings. Make the most of available real estate with modular walls.

More cost effective and less intrusive and time intensive than traditional reconstruction, you can build-out or divide-up existing space into functional classrooms. A suitable option for study cubicles, teacher’s offices or devoted space for extracurricular clubs, modular walls are a forward-thinking solution for any school district.

Applicable to a wide variety of reconstruction or spatial needs, modular walls are the efficient and reliable partitions that reduce costs, waste, and time. The ideal option from retail to schools, casinos to construction, find out how modular walls by Britten Inc. can reshape your space.

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