temporary barricade walls with advertisements on them temporary barricade walls with advertisements on them
temporary barricade walls with advertisements on them


Get as much out of your space as possible with Britten’s barricade and temporary wall systems.

Completely modular, expandable, adaptable, and reusable. Britten barricades and temporary walls are a cleaner, more professional-looking alternative to traditional drywall. Capable of being installed by a small team armed with basic screwdrivers, this one-of-a-kind system lets you quickly divide and conquer any commercial or public space.

Here’s a look at the most popular ways we’ve seen our snap-together barricades and temporary walls put to work for American industries and businesses.

MallForms temporary wall barricade inside of a mall modular wall system


Construction barricades were invented to solve a simple problem: commercial contractors realized the folly of investing time and money building up drywall partitions in work areas, only to tear down and toss them after the project was finished.

Sturdy, lightweight, modular wall systems delivered a smart solution that are faster to set up, easy to move, reuse, and reconfigure on the fly through every stage of a construction/or renovation project. Now they are used worldwide in shopping centers, airports, office buildings—any high-traffic public space where crews want to protect the public from construction dust and debris and to keep their work areas private.

Fully wrapped barricade wall inside of a mall A long wall of temporary barricades inside of a shopping center


In modern shopping malls and outlets beset by a revolving door of tenants, retail property owners often see multiple renovation projects ongoing throughout a given year. Those who have invested in a Britten barricade or temporary wall system have seen the investment pay for itself. How?

When an existing tenant builds or remodels a store, the shopping center typically builds the barricade using a general contractor. Drywall costs roughly $50 per linear foot to build. The mall property owner may charge the tenant up to $7 to $10 more. Instead of an entire setup crew, Britten’s modern modular barricade systems can be setup with a two-person maintenance crew. The result is significant revenue gain for every new construction or renovation project.

temporary wall for office Temporary wall for a conference room


Whether dividing up a work space to boost productivity or adapt to sudden growth, custom temporary walls deliver a flexible, professional-looking solution for modern business owners and managers.

Britten temporary office walls and partitions are made with an aluminum framing in a satin clear anodized finish with infill panels that are ¼” thick and entirely customizable. Panels can be standard white, custom laminates on one or both sides, plexiglass, sound proof, or solid PVC. They are easily reconfigured, install using just one tool, and can be custom ordered to include doors, shelves, and windows. Fireproof and super sturdy, they help deliver a flexible and more productive work environment.

Temporary barricade walls inside of the Atlanta Airport Temporary barricade walls for construction inside of an airport


The fact that modern barricades and temporary wall systems are modular, adaptable, expandable, customizable, and easy to install make them an amazing tool for modern airports. Having the ability to quickly use a temporary wall makes it easier to maintain crowd control and eliminates construction/renovation disruptions.

In an environment where security is as critical as helping travelers move quickly and safely from Point A to Point B, C, and D, these versatile systems are also used for fast set-up ticket counters, private/temporary passenger screening enclosures, and luggage inspection areas complete with secure doors.

Temporary Wall Temporary barricade walls


When renting a new space to start a small business, you may need to divide that space to accommodate your workers and/or selling your product without ruining the existing walls. Enter the most cost-effective way to get the job done.

Britten barricades and temporary walls deliver the perfect solution for creating a professional looking work/selling environment that easily adjusts and accommodates the unpredictable needs of small businesses and startups. With Britten barricades and temporary walls, you can build waiting rooms, test labs, call center cubicles, phone booths—you name it. It’s a proven investment that grows with you, expands to to fit your every need, and keeps paying you back as your new company changes.

Need a clean, professional, and easy-to-set-up solution for maximizing a church, classroom, retail, or any other space? For a custom quote or more information about the Mallforms™/ALUSETT system—now by Britten—email info@britteninc.com. Or call 885-763-8205 to speak to someone in person.