Wall-Mounted LED Display

The Biggest Thing to Hit Outdoor Ads Since the Billboard.

Wake up any size wall with the biggest, brightest display system on the market. BriteWall™—the big-brother of our innovative AdPanel™ display system—delivers full-spectrum, LED color plus indoor and outdoor versatility for large to billboard-sized vinyl banners.

When you want your advertising to light up the night, patented and UL-certified BriteWall™ delivers. Our seamless frames are strong and spring-tensioned for easy banner installation. Ultra-reliable, rust-free, and waterproof, this durable backlit system is also energy-efficient, using only one-third the power of traditional light boxes while lasting twice as long.

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Waterproof LED Display
Indoor/outdoor versatility
Durable and corrosion-resistant

High quality work, reasonable prices, and most of all great customer service. Our rep is extremely helpful, responsive and efficient - I appreciate her.

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