Freestanding LED Display

A Powerful Innovation in Premium Backlit Media.

Transform your banners into a guiding light for customers on indoor walls, columns, or busy shopping floors. AdPanel™'s advanced, edge-lit LED technology delivers a crystal clear, tempered-glass exterior and a robust, internal steel frame that brilliantly illuminates advertising space, wayfinding signage, brand promotions, and mall directories.

Inspired by customer requests, this proprietary lighting system captures the attention in low-light environments. With no hinges or visible screws on the outside, AdPanel ™ displays blend elegant form and innovative function. Unlock with a magnet, and the internal ball-bearing sliding system pulls 100% out from the kiosk making media incredibly easy to change. The unique, hands-free spring retainer system ensures all edges of media remain tight-to-glass and wrinkle-free.

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Choose single or
double-sided displays
Delivers 50,000 hours
of illumination
Crisp LED light delivers
edge-to-edge illumination

Britten has quality product, solid delivery, and is responsive and flexible throughout the entire process!

FC Monmouth

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