Bay Harbor Yacht Club |

revamping bay harbor's lange center.

Bay Harbor, Michigan


Located just outside of Petoskey, Michigan, Bay Harbor Yacht Club is a world-class residential community that meanders along five miles of Little Traverse Bay. The club’s Lange Center is a 40,000 sq. ft. event center with four event halls, an expansive kitchen, and large outdoor seating areas overlooking Lake Michigan. As part of a three-year renovation project started in 2019, Bay Harbor executives aimed to transform a portion of the building into a recreational facility. They reached out to the experienced craftsmen at Britten WoodWorks to design specialty fixtures and casework for the new, luxurious space.


WoodWorks constructed a massive, point-of-sale desk, retail fixtures, and sleek, wooden lockers for the new fitness center and locker rooms. Moving outside, they crafted a huge bar and sleek cabinetry for the pool and bathhouse. A contemporary reception desk and dozens of casework pieces added storage space in the spa. Custom bars with quartz countertops and comfortable booth seating modernized the restaurant dining area.


Bay Harbor planners are excited to unveil the fresh space to their summer residents. The fully-renovated Lange Center is set to finish construction and reopen in June of 2021. From idea to installation, the WoodWorks team used the latest technology to streamline and closely monitor the production process—an imperative when it comes to working under tight, no-excuses construction deadlines.

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