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11 ounces x snipes 313 dance day jam


Detroit’s character is built off the art and souls that contribute to the history of this amazing city. The SNIPES 313 Day Dance Jam, local dance battle, was held at the Russell Industrial Center which is home to the largest art community in the Midwest. A perfect location to unite those who share a love and passion for dance. When 11 Ounces creative marketing agency was tasked with complete event activation, they called the full-service experts at Britten, Inc. to conceptualize, print, fabricate, and mold SNIPES branding for full effect.


To ensure the 1-on-1 dance battle branding reflected the energy in the room, team Britten collaboratively worked with 11 Ounces to come up with a custom 8’H x 6.5’W Foam3D™ sculpture centerpiece, 24’ x 24’ floor decal, followed by branded print signage, and hardware standees. Additional lighting and effects were leveraged with a close partner to enhance the overall look and experience.


“Tonight was a huge success! Snipes was so happy with the way everything looked, and everyone had a great time,” says Lindsay Hall, Head of Production at 11 ounces. It is through activations such as SNIPES 313 Day Dance Jam that continuously welcomes Detroit’s deep art connection and passion for all types of dance. Check out footage from the event at https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=9kKoMJrdL1w

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