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Why Printed Banners Are Still Important for Your Business

Four reasons why your modern marketing plan should incorporate traditional printed signage.

Social media, email, and digital advertising have made it easy to market products and services to a device-loving generation. But it’s also made breaking through the noise a constant battle for smaller retailers and service providers. And that’s where print comes in.

In any business where profits are made in the margins, traditional signs and banners deliver something extra that digital just can’t. A necessary part of a truly integrated marketing campaign, printed signage is also an easy and—thanks to user-customized, on-demand print technology—a relatively inexpensive asset for reaching new audiences, increasing foot traffic and sales.

Here’s five reasons why your business needs traditional signs and banners inside and out:

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When FaceBook and its family of apps crashed earlier this month, one revelation was just how precarious life can be for businesses that put all their advertising eggs into the social media basket.

Even on a normal day, social media algorithms only fill your newsfeed with promotional ads and content marketers with big advertising budgets want you to see. For small businesses, especially, this can make it tough to reach people who don’t already know you exist—even potential local customers who unknowingly drive past your store every day.

A single, strategically placed sign or eye-catching banner along the roadside outside your business never goes dark and can pique the interest of unlimited passersby, even those who never intended to shop at your store.

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Traditional print banners and signs can be adapted for any application. They can be used to draw attention to your store, reinforce your brand, promote a sale, or convey any messaging that you want customers to know. Exterior signage can be seen by everyone all day, every day of the year.

Inside, print signage can be used to deliver greater visibility to specific things you’re trying to sell. Also, modern materials and production methods can produce printed posters, signs, and banners that are resistant to everything. When properly stored and cared for, they can last for years without needing replaced. Finally, signs and banners can be easily moved and reused for everything from specials product promotions to reoccurring seasonal sales.

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Compared to digital ads, physical banners may seem more expensive to produce. And that may have been true a couple decades ago when hand-painting or sewing together vinyl or cloth was the go-to method of producing banners and signs. But for modern business owners, there’s digital, on-demand printing.

Digital, on-demand printing allows anyone to create professional looking banners and signs faster and for nominal cost. With user-friendly websites like BannerGalaxy, you can be your own designer and upload your own artwork/graphics to create totally custom signs and banners. Even if you choose to outsource the work to a traditional printer/designer, the investment is worth the result—modern, durable signage that can be reused and repurposed many times over.

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In a world where we’re bombarded with digital advertisements almost every minute we spend on an electronic device, consumers without the latest ad-blocking software have learned to simply mentally block out obtrusive online advertising.

Not all businesses can migrate online, and some don’t want to because it’s just not practical. For those businesses looking to highlight unique products, local services, or general community awareness of their business, traditional signs and banners deliver a passive form of advertising that can insert an idea into the mind of potential customers who might never even thought of you.

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