Introducing TexClad™ & ColorArmor™ Building Enclosure System |
Textile Cladding for Building Exterior | Custom Textile Cladding Textile Cladding for Building Exterior | Custom Textile Cladding
Textile Cladding for Building Exterior | Custom Textile Cladding

Introducing TexClad™ & ColorArmor™

Build character—Convert any blank structure into an architectural cladding marvel with the latest innovation in exterior building enclosures offered by Britten.

Paring robust architectural hardware with seamless large-format high-strength textiles, Britten is offering an innovative product that transforms unremarkable buildings into unmissable landmarks. Introducing the all-new TexClad™ textile cladding system! Read on to learn more about this novel textile building enclosure system and how it is aiding architectural ambition!

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What Is A Building Cladding System?

A building cladding system is a form of façade affixed to the exterior face of a building or structure. This additional façade can serve multiple purposes, including structure airflow control, shade and heat dissipation initiatives, advertising opportunities or it can be installed for purely aesthetic purposes.

TexClad™ combines high strength textiles with architecture grade hardware to create lasting building façades that are specifically suited to any desired design.

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Why Use Textiles Over Metal Cladding?

It’s understandable that metal may be perceived as more durable and weather resistant and better suited for cladding applications but that’s not always the case. The Britten TexClad™ system employs high strength engineered textiles that are intended to last up to 10 years. Already highly resilient, these textiles are then coated in exclusive ColorArmor™ coating which protects from exterior exposure and UV color fading resulting in an impeccably durable product.

The TexClad™ building cladding system is a lightweight alternative to existing metallic mesh at a significant cost reduction. Manufactured to suit any airflow requirements of the existing structure, TexClad™ mesh are more easily installed and can be printed in massive, large-format configurations, resulting in a seamless façade that spans across an entire building face.

Textile building systems also provides a significant advantage in display flexibility. Unlike metal, which is often uniform in finish, high strength engineered textiles can accommodate vibrant colors, intricate patterns and nearly any conceivable graphics and imaging to create a vivid installation.

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How Does It Work?

TexClad™ is a textile cladding system composed of high strength textile affixed with proprietary, architectural hardware. Boasting a broad catalogue of comprehensive pieces, these Britten extrusions can conform to nearly any configuration to achieve any envisioned façade effect. This hardware is then affixed to the exterior of the building or structure and the textile is drawn taut over top and secured with the anchored hardware.

The result is a limitless platform for creating architectural vision. TexClad™ can be arranged in a flat rectangular format for conventional display or integrate intriguing dimension—whether that is realized as a massive rippling wave of suspended motion or a modernistic arrangement of geometric patterning, the capabilities for enhancing exterior building appeal are endless!

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Develop your own distinct character with a TexClad™ building enclosure system. Partner with Britten for a custom quote or more information email or call 885-763-8203 to speak to a sales rep.