Britten Builds Brands Through Large Format Print, Custom Fabrication and Brand Activation |
Bank of America ROVAL 400 21 Bank of America ROVAL 400 21
Bank of America ROVAL 400 21

Britten Builds Brands Through Print, Custom Fabrication and Brand Activation

Britten creates the assets that shape brand perception and drive recognition.

Translating brand vision into stunning reality takes a capable partner that understands the process. Agile, adaptable, and imaginative, read on to see how Britten crafts creative branding solutions for the world’s most recognizable brands like Bank of America!

The Charlotte Motor Speedway is not your usual NASCAR venue. Composed of traditional steep-banked turns with a middle portion twisted into a pair of chicanes, this course poses high-stakes playing out at high-speed for the participants of the ROVAL™ 400.

Central to this heightened atmosphere were thousands of race fans packing into the stands. Angling to make an engaging pit-stop for motorsports fanatics, title sponsor Bank of America enlisted Britten expertise to build out the design. Calling for interactive race simulators, a playful tangle of prize-distributing tubes, and a regal display of NASCAR history, here’s a breakdown on how Britten crafted a complete activation poised for victory lane.

Bank of America ROVAL 400 13 Bank of America ROVAL 400 12

BoxPop® Custom Shipping Containers

It starts with an idea. Whether it’s a modest marketing activation to a fully realized arena performance, capitalize on your concept without sacrificing quality by partnering with a custom fabricator that understands the importance of making outlandish ideas into unforgettable realities.

Equipped with in-house designers, Britten can assist with conceptual renderings to alleviate the design burden at no additional charge.

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WoodWorks Custom Millwork and Fixtures

A multi-division powerhouse with a highly collaborative mindset, Britten has the expertise and capability to build nearly anything. Bolstered by an arsenal of the latest and most advanced tech in the fabrication industry, we pride ourselves in being equipped and ready to make it happen.

Whether we have a six-month lead time or just two weeks, we find creative solutions to ensure your project is completed to the highest quality.

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EventTruss™ Display Hardware and Frame Systems

Let us assist with multi-vendor management. Our events team can handle the nuisance of coordinating with multiple vendors.

Looking for a niche item or service? Britten can also handle vendor procurement, tracking down the perfect provider and partner to meet your clients’ desires to put on an incredible show!

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Branded Print Signage

Incorporated throughout the entire brand activation environment was a variety of branded print signage. Including mesh displays, vinyl print, and vibrant graphics, each element of the Bank of America fan engagement space was bedecked in attractive imagery that promoted the impending race and closely adhered to exacting brand standards.

Coordinating every element of this impressive and immersive experience, the activation for Bank of America at the ROVAL™ 400 is just one showcase of Britten’s capacity for creating solutions. A comprehensive fabricator with unmatched capability, find out how Britten can move your brand forward.

Partner with Britten on your next Brand Activation event and let us show you how we can help. For a custom quote or more information email or call 885-763-8203 to speak to a sales rep.