Light It Up | EventTruss™ Stage Lighting Truss |
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Light It Up | EventTruss™ Stage Lighting Truss

Place any performance in a preferable light and create the ultimate stage environment with an EventTruss™ stage lighting framework by Britten!

The leader of an event industry standard, EventTruss™ systems by Britten set the stage. Completely modular, available in intuitive configurations, and simply integrated with lighting, EventTruss™ is the ideal package for any summer stage lighting truss needs! Here are a few suggestions from Britten of summertime productions that would benefit from an EventTruss™ stage!

Dew Tour2 Event Truss Dew Tour 2008 009 Vinyl Banners Truss Display System

1. All The World’s A Stage | Theater Production

Open air theater production is a staple of summertime entertainment. Upgrade a from a modest Shakespeare in the Park to a high-production piece with a stage lighting truss system by EventTruss™!

Integrated into any existing amphitheater or built to suit your own design, EventTruss™ provides the sturdy infrastructure to put on a world-class production. Rigged with stage lighting, sound, and even massive mesh or printed Britten fabrics, EventTruss™ can create the stage you’ve always envisioned that has audiences hanging on every word!

Breakaway Music Event | Custom Overhead Mesh Banner Truss Structure at Austin Fan Fest

2. Playing the Main Stage | Concerts & Music Festivals

Spirited crowds, surging energy, and of course, soaring music! Enliven the vibe of your main act or wild music festival with an impressive mainstage! Completely modular and boasting intuitive installation, EventTruss™ can be scaled up to immense proportions to accommodate massive crowds and big-name talent!

Designed to accommodate a wide array of supporting equipment including stage lighting, print, mesh signage, and graphics, an EventTruss™ package is made to put on a show!

Event Truss Tiffin Motorhomes Tampa RV Show 01 18 2023 16 Sunoco Victory Lane Backdrop

3. A Speaking Role | Public Speaking Events

From poetry recitals to a campaign speech, make the most impact with a professional platform. Create an enveloping atmosphere with a stage lighting truss incorporating the EventTruss™ system.

Create a subdued tone or hype up the energy with integrated stage lighting that can set the correct tone or mood of the presentation. Simple to assemble and modified to any public engagement, the EventTruss™ system is an essential for any professional presentation!


Modular, sturdy and an events industry staple, EventTruss™ is the ideal framework for developing mesmerizing stage presence! Partner with Britten for a custom quote or more information email or call 885-763-8203 to speak to a sales rep.