Case Study: Petoskey Brewing |

Case Study: Petoskey Brewing

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PETOSKEY, MI — In just two weeks from ground breaking to completion, Petoskey Brewing Company opened their new beer garden for business. This container is now capable of serving over a dozen varieties of ale, outside of the previous confines of their brewery.

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By thinking “inside” the box, you can also turn these shelters and shipping units into beautiful activations such as pop-up shops, events, restaurants, cafes, offices, and concession stands. Not only is the fast turnaround time appealing, but the cost is a fraction of traditional brick and mortar!

Another benefit of the BoxPop® structure is that you can transport it via trailer to music festivals, or your next construction site, or the streets of major cities as part of your experiential branding campaign. There’s really no limit to how you can use these portable structures. In fact, containers with BoxPop® connector plates are the first of their kind to allow for add-ons like event truss and flags, turning a simple 10×20 container (or several of them) into a mobile marketing experience!

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Engineering & Design

Britten, Inc. was asked to help design & fabricate the customized beer garden structure from a 10×20 shipping container, first using 3D modeling software to show the basic structure, then using PhotoShop to render the artwork to scale and in full color. Upon approval of the finalized design, our fabrication team made the necessary adjustments to transform a used shipping container into an exciting new Beer Garden bar.

First, the half walls at front and right side were cut and fitted for a raised awning, and then the prepared container was sandblasted and painted to match Petoskey Brewing’s signature blue. Decals were applied to the corrugated steel, and fixtures were added to hold the digital screen and the logo emblem in place.

A dedicated CDC driver was dispatched with a self-winching trailer, and the container was delivered in time for the 4th of July weekend. It’s a cornerstone of their new beer garden, serving both as a branding opportunity and serving refreshments to the thirsty patrons!

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