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Custom Rigid Signage for Meijer Holiday Displays Custom Rigid Signage for Meijer Holiday Displays
Custom Rigid Signage for Meijer Holiday Displays

5 Ways to Deck the Halls for Holiday Retail Displays

You don’t need to go full Clark Griswold for an impressive and festive display!

Maximize your retail space, meet your budget, and boost your holiday cheer with some strategically placed branding elements! Ranging from vibrant print signage to clever cut-out displays, here are some helpful retail suggestions to increase holiday sale traffic!

Sky Banner Hanging Banner System | Mall Advertisement

1. Holiday Retail Displays & Store Signage

Make mall corridors and concourses merry and bright with store signage and backlit banner frames. Adding some rosy glow to your high-resolution promotional materials, backlit frames place any print work in a favorable light.

If you’re looking to move off the wall, freestanding retail displays and BannerDrop™ ceiling mounts are an excellent way to tactfully place your message in front of mall patrons. A proven promotional medium, print work and holiday store signage is surefire way to spread seasonal-themed brand awareness!

Holiday Window Decals With Special Shopping Deals Sidewalk Decals Shaped Like Christmas Tree Ornaments


Taking a similar line to holiday sale print signage, decals and graphics are another fantastic and festive option to cover shopping surface area. Specifically die-cut, window, wall, and floor decals are the perfect addition for special promotions, seasonal deals, and cheerful accents!

Simple to apply and effortlessly removed without leaving residue, decals are ideal for the temporary application of holiday messaging. Designed for durability, floor decals make for fun pathway signage, leading towards the door of your retail store or right to Santa’s village!

Snowmen Cutout Displays Inside of a Shopping Mall


Add some playful dimension and whimsical charm with life-sized cutouts. Portable, simply to deploy, and cost effective, create a full cast of holiday characters to liven up you holiday sale or retail space.

Available in dimensions up to 84” H x 42”, these stand-ups crafted from sturdy foamboard can be shaped into stout evergreens, adorable snowman, crafty workshop elves and more to populate your holiday display!

A Foam 3D Mall Display | Oversized Display Props A Large Engagement Ring Foam Display for Zales

4. FOAM3D™ Sculpture

Fill out your holiday retail scene with a fully formed foam sculpture! Carved from a solid block of standard-density foam, Foam3D™ sculptures are undeniable attention draws and can be custom made to suit any holiday theme! Picture five golden rings adorning the entrance of a jewelry store, or a full suite of Santa’s village set pieces!

From company logos to festive accent pieces, these three-dimensional figures are made for generating social media notice and becoming an in-person focal point!

Shaped Light Pole Banners | Pole Banners with Custom Shapes Light Post Banner with Extruding Shape | Custom Shape Banners


Transform ordinary parking lot lamp posts into a decorative North Pole with light pole banners! A valuable branding element that can be repurposed throughout the year, custom light pole banners are perfect for highlighting seasonal sales, special events, and providing wayfinding!

Secured with resilient BannerSaver™ wind-spilling banner brackets, your joyful banner displays are ensured to remain triumphant over the fiercest winter gale!

To make creating perfect holiday retail displays even easier, Britten offers kit-packing and drop-shipping to anywhere. Start your holiday shopping with a look inside our Britten Retail Catalog to discover a world of incredible retail display options.