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Britten Aquires Assets of MallForms™

Addition of new barricade and temporary wall system delivers limitless build & branding options for customers.

TRAVERSE CITY—Rome might not have been built in a day, but with Britten Barricade’s new wall-building capability, you can now build in just hours any configuration of barricade, temporary wall, or partition using nothing more than a screwdriver.

“Combined with our print and manufacturing expertise, a whole new level of customization is now possible for contractors and construction managers,” says Britten’s Anna Wheatley, a Michigan Tech trained mechanical engineer heading up the new barricades and temporary walls division.

MallForms barricades and temporary construction walls are assembled using only a 4mm Allen screwdriver. The connectors are a hammer-head design, renown as one of the strongest structural systems in the industry. The company was run for 20 years by Michigan’s Robert Jankowski and Magda O’Hanlon, both of whom retired this year.

“We are excited that Britten will continue to expand [and offer services beyond] the MallForms product line,” O’Hanlon told Exhibit City News. “I know we’re leaving customers in good hands.”

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Indoor and outdoor application. More flexibility for end-users at malls, airports, or construction sites. Britten Barricade’s now makes it simple, less labor intensive, and more cost effective to create plain white or beautifully branded, barricades and temporary walls that can be put up, broken down, reused, and reconfigured.

“Any type of wall or partition you need—regardless of height, length, color, or graphic requirements—it’s all customizable,” adds Wheatley. “It’s exciting to think about the endless build options and that we can now create and manufacture from start to finish anything the customer needs all under one roof.”

Britten is veteran-owned creative production house dedicated to delivering innovative signage, displays, and event branding solutions that propel high-impact campaigns and promotional ideas into the world. For more information on Britten Barricades, email