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Breakaway Music Festival Event

Signage, Banners, Sign Hardware & More for Events

Spring Fling - Signage, Banners, Hardware & More for Events

Spring break is for school kids and the competition. Partner with Britten Inc. to get a head start on your spring event prep!

Planning for a packed schedule of sporting events, festivals, activations and more, your business isn’t resting—it’s ramping up. Boasting a broad capacity for signage, hardware, and stunning elements that set your event apart, Britten Inc. is here to turn something that’s a hassle into something that’s handled. Read more to find out what Britten Inc can bring to your upcoming projects!

1. Get It In Writing: Print Signage, Banners & More

Darius Rucker Kenny Chesney Fabric Backdrop at Ford Field

Talk is cheap. Nothing has quite the impact nor permanence (or semi-permanence) of the written word. Whether it’s witty copy accompanying stunning imagery, or the more practical application of wayfinding signage or location labeling, make your message legible, alluring, and durable with banners and print signage. Essential for any experiential event or marketing activation, print work creates the foundation and serves as complimentary backdrop for dynamic event elements. Whether it’s a sporting event or music festival, fill out your venue and orient guests with print signage!

2. Take Up Space: Foam3D™

Large Foam Letters sponsored by Truly Britten woodworks fendi foam 1244669789

Occupy imaginations and attention spans with an outsized sculpture that takes up real estate! Able to be crafted into nearly any shape, lettering, or artwork imaginable, a Foam3D™ sculpture adds dimension to any event venue. Ideal for fan engagement, these attractive and vibrant installations can be perfect standalone selfie stands or integrated as part of a more complex display. Available with a variety of hardy coatings, these sculptures are made to endure elements and are the perfect addition to any stadium concourse or campus quad to attract notice.

3. Set the Stage: EventTruss™, Hardware & Custom Metal Fab

Dew Tour2 Event Truss Dew Tour 2008 009 Custom Metal Fab Tunnel Entrance

Make the stage you’ve always envisioned with the EventTruss™ system. Configured in standardized formatting for efficient layouts, design the space that suits your needs and venues. Versatile and configurable, the EventTruss™ is also ideal for gateways, entrances and more and is created to accommodate complimentary signage for a complete branding package.

Capable and solution focused, Britten Inc. also offers custom metal fabrication for those visions that go beyond standard dimensions. Ideal for exciting game day entranceways, custom metal fabrication pieces can be affixed with pyrotechnics and interchangeable display for a stunning grand entrance with multi-functional application.

Finally, don’t omit the essential hardware signage and aspects that hold an event together. Event backdrops by Britten paired with a custom or step-and-repeat print can afford a professional finish and tie any media booth, fan photo op or merchandise booth together.

4. Box It Up: BoxPop®

092822 Harrys House Moody Center by Roger Ho 203309 A custom BoxPop container with rooftop seating for Ispire

Invest in a more permanent installation with lasting impression with a BoxPop® customized container. Able to be altered to nearly any application needed, a BoxPop® is the optimum solution for client services, concession stands, merchandise booths or a satellite bar. Tailormade to the needs of your business or event, these durable, self-contained structures arrive as turnkey as possible, ready to improve your business or event and delight your patrons.

5. Above & Beyond: BannerDrop™

Britten cobo 14 Product Banner Drop Smithsonian 2018

This spring, let Britten Inc. produce all the essential elements you need for a fantastic concert, activation event, sporting tournament or more. Capable, agile and solution oriented, Britten Inc. is the single-source provider and fabricator that propels brand value and builds unrivaled experiences!

6. Graphic Content: Vinyl Decals

Trolls Walk n Wall Decal 003 Decals Toronto Grand Prix 2010 003

Banners, standees, and frames are all classic avenues for display but can come off a little square…or rectangle! Scour your average shopping mall and you’re bound to find that its rife with irregular locales that are perfect for custom-cut signage. Archways, courtyard columns, the backside of central elevators, escalator handrails railings, and even unadorned floorspace—all viable options that change a viewer’s perspective and stand out in contrast to conventional wall branding. From the window to the irregular shaped wall, cover all odd-shaped real estate with vinyl decals that boast an exacting fit. Formed from modern materials, adhesives and printing and die-cut to precise dimensions, these customized decals will convert any overlooked spot from underutilized to highly prized!

Let Britten help you provide all your event & venue needs! Get a quote or call 855-763-8205 today.