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Harry Styles Moody Center Event Activation shipping container Harry Styles Moody Center Event Activation shipping container
Harry Styles Moody Center Event Activation shipping container

2022 Britten Inc. Year in Review

Another year wrapping up means another banner year for Britten Inc! Boasting a jam-packed project list that brought exposure, notice and innovation to some of the most exclusive brands, 2022 was one for the books! Check out our 2022 Year in Review for a sampling of Britten Inc brand sway put on full display!

1. Gray Whale Gin | United States | Ocean Love Tour 2022

Gray Whale Gin WoodWorks Gray Whale Outside Lands 52

Creating motion for a brand conserving the ocean. That’s the vision handed to Britten Inc. by Gray Whale Gin, a conscientious, California-based distillery. The final concept was a fully retrofitted (and fully functional) 1970’s VW bus converted into a bespoke gin bar to backset by a custom-fabricated shipping container an immersive ocean themed LED interior display. Set to tour music festivals around the country, this ensemble brough brand presence proportional to the Gray Whale Gin name.

2. Harry’s House | Moody Center | Austin, TX | Love on Tour 2022

Harry Styles Moody Center Event Activation Harry Styles Moody Center Event Activation- fan engagement

To say international popstar Harry Styles is having a moment would be an injustice. More like A Movement. Set to perform a pair of concerts at the Moody Center in Austin, TX the venue required a fan engagement activation saturated with Harry Styles cachet. Replicating two sets from Mr. Styles album cover and music video (inverted light fixtures and all!), BoxPop® allowed fans to insert as a guest in the melodic world of Harry’s House.

3. Kraft Lunchables | United States | Lunch-A-Build

Kraft_Dino_OutsideVehicle Kraft Lunchable Pizza Dino

Proving that its ok (and even encouraged!) to play with your food, Kraft enlisted Foam3D™ to bring Lunchable sculpture schematics to life! Constructing a pizza crust grand piano, a chicken kabobble (read: nugget) dinosaur and a deli-meat steamboat, these outsized Lunch-A-Build creations looked nearly edible! Encased in clear displays fitted to box trucks, this lunchtime Foam3D™ fare would travel to inspire Lunch-A-Build creativity across the US!

4. Noble Herb | Flagstaff, AZ

Noble Herb 12 Noble Herb 10

Noble Herb was to be the renovated version of a storefront that had long serviced the Flagstaff community. Working off a modern concept from High Road Design Studios, WoodWorks proved once more their attention to detail and capability for beneficial design/fabrication collaboration. The completed interior was an exacting recreation of the render and featured the sleek displays, well-lit product shelves, and attractive customer service counters that Noble Herb desired.

5. Action Glow | United States | LEDTheWay

ViewThru Window Decal ViewThru Window Decal on Bus

Garret and Dakota Porter are riding quite the wave. Owners and inventors of Action Glow LED add-on kits for action sports equipment, the duo was recently featured on ABC’s “Shark Tank” and are bring further notice to their brand with a vibrant tour bus. For this mobile marketing headquarters, the Porter’s had murals painted on each flank but needed a window solution that interior visibility without disrupting the exterior artwork. Britten provided the solution with exactly matched ViewThru graphics, matching the curvature of the art with unobstructed interior views.

6. Northwestern Player Tunnel | Evanston, IL | Game Day Tunnel

Custom Metal Fab Tunnel Entrance Custom Metal Fab Tunnel Entrance

The run-out of the players is an integral and thrilling ritual of college game day! Turning this tradition into pyrotechnical spectacle for the Northwestern Wildcats was Britten Inc! The custom metal fab team created a versatile set of archway elements equipped with Pyrotechnical Fireworks Inc smoke components for an unrivaled game day tunnel entrance!

7. National Cherry Festival | Traverse City, MI | Pole Banner Program

BannerSaver Cherry Festival Priorlife Cherry Festival 2

The National Cherry Festival was in full bloom for the first time since 2019 and marked its return in a major way. The bustling avenue of Grandview Parkway was lined with Britten made cheery pole banners celebrating the annual festival and its cherry produce. Along with this refreshed display was Priorlife creating commemorative totes gleaned from retired banner vinyl. The combination was a sweet tribute to the return of the Cherry Fest!

8. Breakaway Music Festival | Kansas City, KS

Breakaway Music Event | Custom Overhead Mesh Banner Breakaway Music Festival Event

A multi-city modern music festival, Breakaway draws some top-tier talent and exuberant fans! Bringing the most to the mainstage, Britten provided the massive headline signage, signature DJ booth branding, stage banners, branded paneling and much more for a finished look that matched festival vibes.

9. Fendi Baguette | New York, NY | 2022 Winter Capsule Collection

Britten woodworks fendi foam 1244669789 Britten woodworks fendi foam 1244669853

Celebrating the 25th anniversary of the iconic Fendi Baguette handbag, the Italian fashion-house planned out a pop-up boutique in bustling SoHo. In need of several stylized and oversized replicas of the Baguette to add dimension and display collection inventory, Fendi trusted their brand image and vision to Britten WoodWorks who delivered down to the last detail.

10. Hublot | New York, NY | 5th Ave Boutique

Nec Plus Inc Hublot Building Wrap 70 Mesh 745x234 009 Hublot Building Wrap

It takes a lot to stand out on 5th Ave. Featuring a stark onyx exterior with intricate architectural niches, Hublot enlisted Britten for a contrasting accent addition. The solution for this luxury wristwear purveyor was a vibrant orange dash of color, realized as a towering 62-foot mesh swath, securely affixed to the front of the building that added a much-needed depth of color.

Honorable Mentions

Fence Scrim WMU Custom mesh banners inside of WMU's stadium with a mascot Woodworks Meijer LPGA Arrowood 9724

When you're focused on hustle, it's hard to know when to quit.

1. Western Michigan University | Kalamazoo, MI | Waldo Stadium & Athletic Campus

Bleacher wraps, infield fence scrim, stadium signage and more! Matched to school colors and featuring mascot graphics, these updates are sure to instill Bronco pride!

2. LPGA | Grand Rapids, MI | Meijer LPGA Classic

Pitting the best of the LPGA against one another, the Meijer LPGA Classic is a spectacle for participants and spectators alike. Britten was present with its full arsenal of signage, Foam3D™ chandeliers and displays, and a completely customized WoodWorks brewpub bar.

3. Arrowood | Oceanside, CA | Flight Deck Bar

Located in sunny Oceanside, CA the greens of Arrowood have natural draw for golf enthusiasts. Adding a relaxed driving range for more casual partakers called for a suitable satellite bar. BoxPop® delivered with a fully customized shipping container for a self-contained bar with rooftop lounge to overlook the stunning course.

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