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Outdoor BriteWall Dadeland Mall Outdoor BriteWall Dadeland Mall
Outdoor BriteWall Dadeland Mall

Spectacular Media Display Systems

While we are known for our large format prints, we also offer many different solutions for taking those printed messages and then getting them in front of your audience. Indoor or outdoor, hung above or mounted on a wall, and every option in between, we have something for your needs.

BriteWall Simon Quaker Bridge Food Court With Backlit Sign LED Backlit Display at Simon Dadeland Cirque


BriteWall is a truly stunning display system that backlights your vinyl prints with LEDs. The result is a beautiful, perfectly tensioned banner that seems to radiate with brilliant color. Not only is this system eye-catching, it works great in indoor and outdoor applications. BriteWall is also more energy efficient than traditional fluorescent bulbs, using only 1/3 of the power while being twice as bright.


The original banner bracket, BannerSaver has been hard at work for our clients since 1999. It keeps your banners safe from damage, spilling 87% of wind. BannerSaver is a really popular option on light poles, but they also work really well mounted to flat surfaces, creating great advertising and revenue-generating opportunities for cities, colleges, and sports arenas.

Light Pole Banners for Events | City Pole Banners Fabric SEG Standee at Mall

Infinity Standee and Banner Drop

Maximize advertising potential by combining some of our great systems. Our Infinity Standee stretches fabric prints into a nearly borderless frame for an impressive, beautiful display that you can put literally right in front of your audience. It pairs really well with BannerDrop, a system that lets you maximize the space created by tall ceilings. And changing out the media is as easy as pushing a button. Just use the remote to raise and lower the unit, no lifts required!

Madison Square Garden BannerDrop