Britten Gets Fresh Ink with HP2700 Printer | High-Volume Large Format Printing |
large format printer large format printer
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Britten Gets Fresh Ink with HP2700 Printer | High-Volume Large Format Printing

Part of being a print industry leader means staying current with the latest technology—that’s why Britten has invested in a brand new HP 2700 industrial printer for large format printing!

In addition to producing a high-volume output of large format print, the HP 2700 also boasts the enviable ability to print white—a gamechanger in the world of print.

Specifically designed for high-end production, the HP 2700 provides the operator with unprecedented control. Enhancing the process of white ink application, this new large format printer allows for detailed print work on metallic and clear substrates in a manner that was previously not possible.

Yielding more vibrant prints, faster and more efficient turnaround, and expanded capabilities for a variety of materials. The HP 2700 is a welcomed and innovative addition to the Britten arsenal, we're not just a large banner printer. View some specs below that expand on how this inkjet juggernaut is keeping Britten on the leading-edge of large format printing services!

HP2700 printer large format printer

Customer Benefits

White ink on clear or colored substrates.

Print Mode and Resolution

1200X1200 dpi


2-Pass: 1302 ft²/hr

3-Pass: 958 ft²/hr

4-Pass: 743 ft²/hr

6-Pass: 527 ft²/hr

8-Pass: 409 ft²/hr

10-Pass: 312 ft²/hr

White Spot (60%) 581 ft²/hr

White Overflood (100%) 183 ft²/hr

3 Layers (60%) 108 ft²/hr

5 Layers (60%) 36 ft²/hr


Standard: CMYK

Optional: Light Cyan, Light Magenta, White


Any material 10’ wide or less.

Maximum Printing Width

10’ with the option to panel larger prints

Maximum Roll Diameter

15.75" Up to 661lb single roll & up to 2 x 440lb dual roll

Maximum Media Thickness

0.015" to 0.08"

Media types

Banners, self-adhesive vinyl, films, papers, wallcoverings, canvas, synthetics, fabrics, mesh, textiles




White Ink

“HP’s roll-to-roll wide format printers are designed to tackle high-volumes of large format print and decorative applications, ensuring high-quality printing at a pace that is difficult to match.” –

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