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Event Backdrop 8x8 Downtown Tailgate 005 1 Event Backdrop 8x8 Downtown Tailgate 005 1
Event Backdrop 8x8 Downtown Tailgate 005 1

3 Ways to Use Event Backdrops to Enhance Your Event Marketing

Make a scene with Event Backdrops by Britten! The ideal solution to add a professional finish to any public presentation, learn how our event backdrops work for you behind the scenes to create a great event marketing experience.

Clean, enticing imagery and appealing use of space is often at the forefront of mind when creating a space for presentation but don’t forget about the background! The oft overlooked supporting role of any successful exhibition, a smart backdrop can add pleasing contrast and block out distracting backgrounds. Portable and intuitive, find all the places event backdrops can enhance your presentation!

2019 EMS Britten Inc 1 Event backdrop tradeshow

1. Work for Trade: Tradeshows

Intended to convey a sampling of a business’ capabilities, increase networking, and attract potential clients, attending tradeshows is an important outreach opportunity for any company. Considerable thought, effort and time goes into the curation of a tradeshow booth and part of that planning process should include a befitting event backdrop. Whether it’s a step-and-repeat image of brand logos, or a more neutral tone image that melds into the background, a tradeshow backdrop by Britten creates a finished look that transforms any tradeshow booth from passable to professional. We also offer comprehensive Tradeshow Kits to create a clean, consistent look for your tradeshow booth.

Media Backdrop Renovo Auto Media Wall

2. Hold the Press: Media Events & Press Conference

From post-game interviews to breaking news press releases, there’s a good chance that these media events have a printed event backdrop present for the photo-op. Often emblazoned with an organization logo, sponsorship partner branding, or promotional imagery, an event backdrop is an essential element of media events. Providing a neutral space to cover any background distractions, a backdrop is ideal for media as it allows for clean and consistent imagery fit for publication.

Event Backdrop 8x8 Downtown Tailgate 005 1 Breast Cancer Media Wall

3. Open to the Public: Fan Engagement Events

Drawing a crowd is always a plus for any fan engagement experience or public event. Improve the appeal of any popular gathering with an inviting event backdrop. Highly portable and able to feature vibrant print work, once tactfully placed, these event backdrops evolve into selfie-magnets. The perfect way to promote your brand and immerse guests into the experience, a well-placed backdrop prompts fans to create photo memories and post to social media. Tailormade to match nearly any graphics, imagery, or vision you have in mind, an event backdrop is a positive addition with inherent crowd appeal!

Designed to complement spaces and provide that refined look for any presentation, Event Backdrops by Britten are the ideal solution for your next tradeshow, media event or fan engagement gathering!

For a custom quote or more information about Event Backdrops by email info@britteninc.com. Or call 885-763-8203 to speak to a sales rep.