Britten Announces new Screen-Printing Capability |
New Britten Screen Printer 4 New Britten Screen Printer 4
New Britten Screen Printer 4

Britten Announces new Screen-Printing Capability

Newly purchased inline graphics screen printing press delivers faster turn-time and greater print capabilities for customers.

TRAVERSE CITY, MI—Huge 5’ x 10’ six-color beds. Master touch-screen control panels at every load and unload station. SignTronic direct-to-screen laser imaging system. And that’s just for starters.

M&R’s Processor II E™ is regarded across the industry as finest inline multi-color print/cure system available,” says Britten CEO, Ryan Kennedy. “This is important for customers who demand huge color options and a superfast turnaround on bulk-orders of big signs and 10’ banners.”

Big, bold, and better than anyone else. Where quality and customer service are concerned, that’s been Britten’s mantra since 1985. By adding yet another advanced printer to Britten’s already impressive arsenal, this new investment sets the company farther apart with unique capabilities and a level of service few printers in America can match.

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Designed for everything from poly banner material to heavy board stock, the Processor II E is built with performance, match components that significantly reduce prepress time and increase registration accuracy.

“Pushing 280 to 300 rolled sheets and 300 to 350 rigid sheets per hour is the goal,” says Director of Operations, Josh Albright. “Digital technology allows us to adjust and ink on the fly. That means less waste. With zone-able beds, set-up time is cut from days to hours for big projects. That means less labor is needed, so the work is less expensive for the customer and faster out the door.”

Most American printers only have five-color capability. Britten now delivers six. M&R’s state-of-the-art cure system delivers optimal cure to heat sensitivity and heat-resistant stock. Independently controlled, dual-lamp UV heads at every station, and M&R’s reflector technology maximizes curing speed while minimizing substrate temperatures. Albright says this provides customers with more vibrant and durable printing that resist chipping.

Click below to see a company video of M&R’s Processor Inline Printing Press in action.