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Breakaway Music Festival Stage | Customized Tall Mesh Banners Breakaway Music Festival Stage | Customized Tall Mesh Banners
Breakaway Music Festival Stage | Customized Tall Mesh Banners

4 Benefits of Partnering with Britten for Brand Activations

Why chase down multiple vendors when you can get it all in one place? Prided as an efficient single-source fabricator, Britten supplies the products and services that make experiential marketing events run smoothly!

Nothing tops a one-stop-shop. Let our team take on any design assistance, all fabrication, management of multiple vendors, labor for load in/out, and at the end, we can even store your assets for you and redeploy at any time.

Lume Brand Activation | Full Venue Render Retail Exterior | Lume Treehouse Retail Display

1. Vision Plan | Design Resources

It starts with an idea. Whether it’s a modest marketing activation or a fully realized arena performance, capitalize on your concept without sacrificing quality by partnering with a custom fabricator who understands the importance of making outlandish ideas into unforgettable realities.

Equipped with in-house designers, Britten can assist with conceptual renderings to alleviate the design burden.

Foam3D Soccer Ball | Giant Props Fabrication Britten Welding | Custom Fabrication

2. Custom Event Fabrication | Fabrication Services

A multi-division powerhouse with a highly collaborative mindset, Britten has the expertise and capability to build nearly anything. Bolstered by an arsenal of the latest and most advanced tech in the fabrication industry, we pride ourselves in being equipped and ready to make it happen.

Whether we have a six-month lead time or just two weeks, we find creative solutions to ensure your project is completed to the highest quality.

Branded Environment Design | Mobile Retail Store Hennessy Event Activation | Container Bar with Rooftop Deck

3. Vendor Procurement | Project Management

Let us assist with multi-vendor management. Our Events team can handle the nuisance of coordinating with multiple vendors.

Looking for a niche item or service? Britten can also handle vendor procurement, tracking down the perfect provider and partner to meet your clients’ desires to put on an incredible show!

Britten Fabrication | BoxPop Construction Process Gray Whale Gin Mobile Bar | Custom SUV and BoxPop

4. On-Site Assistance | Installation Services

Efficient, prompt, and intensely focused on producing unrivaled events, we can grasp the reins and pull an experiential marketing event, brand activation or performance together to free-up your time for other tasks.

Backed by a robust network of trained and certified installers, Britten can coordinate your event’s set-up. Britten can even acquire storage for assets and event elements.

Partner with Britten on your next Brand Activation event and let us show you how we can help. For a custom quote or more information email or call 885-763-8203 to speak to a sales rep.