Display Extrusions

  • BannerBar
  • BannerBar Extruded Aluminum Banner Frame
  • Banner Display Extrusions
  • BannerBar Extruded Top Bar Banner Frame
  • frame clip and bannerbar


Versatile extrusion for all display purposes.

When paired with large-format print, create an easy-to-change out display. BannerBar is an easy-to-use, multipurpose extrusion for custom displays, exhibits, and frames. Available in three different sizes—1” height, 3” height, and 5” height—up to 24’ long.

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FrameClips remove the need for banner fabrication—essentially eliminating the need for hems and grommets. Each FrameClip is individually adjustable ensuring that your banner stays sag free! FrameClip requires the BannerBar extrusion and frame system. When paired together, the FrameClip and BannerBar create a complete banner display system that makes installation and change-outs quick, easy, and affordable.

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Wall-Mounted Frames

Use the BannerBar extrusion to create big, beautiful wall-mounted frames.
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Ceiling Display Systems

printed mall media
Tightly hold large-format media from the ceiling with the BannerBar extrusion.
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