Heavy duty outdoor Ovio banner frames on the side of a shopping center.
Heavy duty banner frame with custom printed banner on the outside of an office building.
Custom heavy duty banner frame advertising a coat on the outside of a parking garage.
Custom sized heavy duty frame on the outside of a warehouse.
Custom heavy duty banner frame on the outside of a parking garage with directions on it.
Heavy duty banner frame with a vehicle advertisement.
Heavy duty banner frame inside of a mall.

Heavy Duty Banner Frames

Built for Hanging Big Banners and Hard Outdoor Use.

Get the easy-to-install, heavy-duty frame system engineered to keep large format signage (any size up to 26’H x 130’W) looking great in any climate. Freezing weather, extreme heat, and hurricane-force winds are no threat to the robust and revolutionary OVIO™ frame technology.

Can be wall-mounted or standalone. Non-corrosive aluminum, OVIO™ frames deliver discreet, clean lines so nothing distracts from your banner’s beauty and messaging. The grommets and fasteners are also completely masked for a sleek presentation. And, finally, the exclusive ratchet clip system/technique tensions the media perfectly, every time, while allowing for fast teardown when changing campaigns.

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No hinges or
moving parts
Painted or powder-coated
to match any texture/color
Withstands major winds/temps
(-31° F to 176° F)

Many other companies told us that this idea was impossible. But, Britten accepted the challenge and came up with a creative solution that no one else could. The printed wrap conceals construction mess and makes the building look brand new. Most importantly, it helps our potential tenants visualize all that the building could be.

Asher Schlusselberg, Partner / Plymouth Group

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