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Custom scaffolding wrap outside of a church Custom scaffolding wrap outside of a church
Custom scaffolding wrap outside of a church

Making a Scene with Fence Scrim, AdMesh™ and Architectural Wraps

Transform bare fences, skeletal scaffolding, and boring buildings into engaging works on a massive scale with Britten!

Vacant lots upturned with construction, high-rise girders enveloped in scaffolding, and sparse chain-link fence wrapping around an outfield—each an image of incompleteness, liminal spaces hinting at what they may become. Find out how a vibrant covering from Britten can turn these empty spaces into attractive places!

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Mending Fences: Fence Scrim

From ball parks to construction sites, a chain link fence is a familiar staple. Intended to set boundaries and barriers, whether to keep the public out or set the homerun mark, chain link fences serve a necessary function. However, left unadorned and a bare fence expresses an exclusionary divide—an admonishing Keep Out instead of an inviting come see! Create an engaging space while maintaining a safe distance with fence scrim instead! Available in any length necessary and able to be printed with custom graphics, lettering, and designs in vibrant, hi-res imagery, fence scrim from Britten can truly diversify your divide. Whether advertising what’s to come at the construction site or decking out the infield in school colors, fence scrim is an effective way to take advantage of underutilized ad space.

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Mesh With The Best: AdMesh™

Massive stage backdrops, sleek merchandise stands, and modest sized building wraps—make it all possible with AdMesh™! A wind-permeable and resilient fabric, this material is printed with UV resistant ink to prevent fading and sun damage. Combine this superior product with Britten’s capacity for large dimension printing and the result is a highly customizable covering of immense proportion and sizezable impact. Compatible with Ovio™ or EventTruss™ systems, this display mesh can be configured to create any setting or display desired. Designed to also filter in natural light, it’s an ideal option for buildings undergoing partial or complete renovation while also maintaining functional workspaces. As versatile and variable as your rehab project or rocking concert requires, select AdMesh™ to turn your work-in-progress into an impressive landscape.

Performance Statistics Richmond Building Wrap 1 KPG Funds Building Wrap Mesh30 548x304 40 Crosby Street SOHO NYC 002 AFTER

That’s a Wrap: Scaffold & Building Wraps

A highrise encapsulated in scaffolding is the signature sign of a high-profile renovation. Whether it’s a façade facelift or a structural change, reconstruction on a towering building takes considerable time. Rather than leaving the exoskeletal scaffolding exposed, envelope it with an immense and vibrant wrap! Utilize state of the art printing on a city-sized scale with scaffolding wraps made from Britten’s signature Architectural Mesh™. Affixed directly to the scaffolding, this novel material is 50-70% open mesh that is flattened and printed upon—the result is an exterior with vivid imagery and bold lettering that is transparent to building occupants. Functional and transformative, employ scaffold wraps to camouflage unsightly construction into an elegant exterior!

In addition to concealing unseemly construction, large-scale banner material can also be installed directly to the building for aesthetic and promotional purposes. Secured directly to the masonry of the structure, building wraps can metamorphize a dull gray building into a macro-sized art installation! The perfect application for upscaling high-rises, hospitals, and luxury hotels, building wraps can feature brand material, event and exhibition promotions or simply employ a massive mural to enhance a buildings character. Manufactured with unrivaled tensile strength, highly resistive to tearing and UV fading and flame-retardant, Architectural Mesh™ building wraps by Britten will transform any generic building into an unmistakable landmark!

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