The Benefits Of Latex Printing |

The Benefits Of Latex Printing

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Whenever you begin a new marketing campaign, a few questions always come to mind. “How much will my campaign cost me? How many new customers will see my message?” These are important questions that successful businesses have to answer.

However, some companies ask another question: “what effect will my marketing have on the environment?” Many modern companies have made a commitment to reducing the impact of their business on the environment. For them, making sure that their banners and signs are environmentally friendly is a priority.

In the past, the commercial printing industry used solvent-based inks. The solvents contained hazardous chemicals that had a nasty odor and burned violently. The volatile compounds in the solvent were poisonous to people and harmful to the environment.

Fortunately, the technology used to manufacture ink has improved greatly in the last decade. Latex ink was introduced as an alternative to solvent. Hewlett Packard makes the most commercially successful latex inks. HP’s inks are about 70% water and don’t contain the volatile organic compounds found in less sophisticated ink.

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This new printing technology reduces environmental and health concerns across the lifespan of your marketing materials, from production to disposal. Signs printed with latex ink can be displayed in sensitive places like dining rooms and healthcare facilities without worry. Materials printed with latex ink can be recycled more easily. These new inks aren’t flammable, they don’t contain hazardous air pollutants and they’re nickel-free.

Graphics printed with latex ink are higher in quality than printed graphics that use solvent inks. It can print onto all the same materials as solvent ink. The cost is competitive as well, and continues to fall as the industry embraces this new format.

Britten Inc is committed to environmentally sound business practices. We own more HP Latex 3500 printers than anyone else in the world. We have an unmatched capacity to fill latex print orders and we use more latex ink every year than any other company in the United States.

If part of your corporate mission statement includes a dedication to protecting the environment, you should make latex ink a priority for all your future marketing campaigns. Britten Inc offers the highest quality latex banner printing at the lowest price around. Contact us today to find out how you can save money and protect the environment by using latex ink!