Fashionable, Fabric Banners For Cabi |

Fashionable, Fabric Banners For Cabi

Cabi The Scoop Stage Banners 288x192 Black Backed Mesh 600x330 300x165 2x

San Diego played host last month to over 3,500 women from around the country, who descended upon the city for Cabi’s semi-annual conference that introduces the brand’s spring fashion collection. Huge fabric banners graced the main stage and hallways throughout the San Diego Convention Center.

Fabric Banners cabi installation

Fabric is one of the most vivid, elegant options for large interior graphics because it resists glare and wrinkling, and weighs 75% less than traditional vinyl. The banners look high-end and elegant — just like the clothing!

Cabi, a direct-sales women’s fashion brand specializing in workwear and weekend wear that’s celebrating its 15th year, sells items that can only be purchased in the home.

The entirety of the company’s sellers, referred to in-house as “stylists”, participated in the three-day conference that is part fashion show, part training seminar, and part inspirational celebration.

Cabi The Scoop Ballroom Banners 168x268 15oz Frontlit Vinyl Web

In addition to the wide format fabric banners, Britten’s capabilities were put to the test with a variety of other substrate applications:

For such a meticulous customer and a project of this scope, precise attention to detail was required for everything to be installed expertly and in time. A dedicated project manager familiar was on site to coordinate installation by of the Convention Center’s certified contractors.

“The Scoop” Spring 2018 proved to be a resounding success, while we here at Britten (and the thousands of Cabi stylists) look forward to their Fall event later in the year!

Fabric Banners cabi installation

“Uber is the world’s largest personal transportation company that owns no vehicles. Airbnb is the world’s largest accommodations company that owns no real estate. Could Cabi become the world’s largest women’s fashion retailer, with personal styling services and personal relationships with their clients, that owns no stores?” asks Katie Malone, Cabi’s vice president of marketing and events.