Customer Spotlight: Top Down Decoys |

Customer Spotlight: Top Down Decoys

Top Down Decoys 10x28 4mm Coroplast 300x169 2x

About Top Down Decoys: While working on their Illinois farm in 2013, the Essarys watched thousands of snow geese fly overhead throughout the day. This migration of snows was the largest they had ever witnessed in the area. Immediately, the family of hunters became obsessed.

Decoys were purchased and spread, but limited success followed by reading and research led to an understanding that they needed more decoys!

With their expanding knowledge and genuine love of the hunt, the Essarys were inspired to create their own. With the busy, hard-working hunter in mind, they designed a new, horizontal decoy from a bird’s-eye view. Top Down Decoys was born.

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Top Down Decoys 10x28 4mm Coroplast Detail 2

1. Why do you choose Britten?

Britten is a large-format printer that can meet our demands as we continue to grow. It is important to us that their products are made in the USA but still competitively priced. Our plant visit stood out from the rest because Britten’s employees were smiling, welcoming, and gave us that small-town feel.

2. How did you hear about us?

We first google searched “political sign distributors” because we were looking for a company who could print mass orders. We then searched “large-format printers” and found Britten.

3. What problems did we solve for you?

We sent samples of our goose decoys to Britten and it was only them and one other company that could match the level of dullness we were seeking. Our decoys cannot be shiny in any way and Britten’s matte coating did just the job.

4. What was the most memorable thing from your experience with us?

We will never forget when we visited Britten to run a press check prior to a 500,000-count order. There were all sorts of issues with the print and they failed miserably on the first try. By the time we left, all hands had been on deck to fix the problems – employees staying 7 to 8 hours past their normal shifts. Everyone happily came together to correct the situation and we haven’t had an issue since.

5. What could we do differently to improve the ease of ordering?

Nothing. Our sales rep, Ian Wicksall, has been amazing throughout the entire ordering process.

Top Down Decoys Reversible Goose Decoy Combo Pack

Versatile decoys designed to draw in the leeriest of geese, the Top Down Decoys Reversible Goose Decoy Combo Pack gives you great decoy performance at a great price

Now available for order online at