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Britten Logo Repeated Pattern Britten Logo Repeated Pattern
Britten Logo Repeated Pattern

Britten Unveils Bold New Image

TRAVERSE CITY, Mich., Feb. 26, 2020 /PRNewswire/ -- Massive building wraps for New York's Plaza Hotel. Customized shipping containers for Tropicana. Giant foam wings for Aerosmith. Founded in 1985 as a humble banner and sign making company, Britten, Inc. has undergone a dramatic metamorphosis into one of America's top, branding problem solvers…with one hitch.

"Over the decades, we've always put our customers' branding needs above our own," says founder Paul Britten. "Encapsulating everything we do and everyone we serve has been tough, until now."


Britten executes over 5,000 custom projects every month. It has thousands of active customers, including half of America's Top 10 experiential branding agencies. Still, answering the question—What does Britten actually sell?— proved a crucial first step in the brand's refresh.

"Britten sells the ability for businesses to prosper and function," says global brand consultant, Bruce Turkel. The author of, All About Them: Grow Your Business by Focusing on Others, Turkel helped Paul Britten develop the company's new "Build Them Up" tagline.

"The line actually came from my mother," recalls Britten. "My older brothers were big into football and music, while I just liked art and building things. They always had the spotlight, but my mother insisted they encourage me—always saying, 'build him up'—so I never felt like my accomplishments were inferior."


Britten has spent a lifetime making products that help build up people, businesses, and communities through the power of brand. "But at the core," says Britten, "we're just problem solvers on a mission to get our customers noticed and help their businesses grow."

"We do printing, foam sculpting, customized shipping containers, metal and wood fabrication like nobody else. So, it's appropriate that our website's new look, voice, and messaging is unlike any other in the industry," says Britten. "Our newly updated website showcases our visual branding capabilities in a clean and modern way. It's more responsive, entertaining, and streamlined so our customer can get to the products they are looking for fast and with fewer clicks."