BannerSaver™ is FASTSIGNS Preferred Banner Bracket Vendor |
A BannerSaver Bracket for a Light Pole Banner A BannerSaver Bracket for a Light Pole Banner
A BannerSaver Bracket for a Light Pole Banner

FASTSIGNS entrusts BannerSaver™ as preferred light pole bracket vendor

BannerSaver™, powered by Britten Inc., banner brackets are the premier solution for securing light pole banners. Developed to dissipate wind and proven to prolong the lifespan of light pole banners, this premium bracket system is the ideal choice for protecting your display investments.

That’s why FASTSIGNS makes BannerSaver™ their preferred bracket for light pole banner orders. Understanding the value of our durable light pole banner bracket system, FASTSIGNS selects BannerSaver™ as the optimum bracket solution to accompany light pole banner orders. Offering all available bracket sizes (S-XL) at a special partnership pricing, FASTSIGNS trusts their reputation and fulfill the needs of their clientele with the BannerSaver™ system.

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Hang your banners with the world’s original and leading performance banner bracket. Engineered and proven to make outdoor banners last longer, this advanced spring-loaded bracket system has been wind tunnel-tested to spill 87% of NWS-rated, tornado-force winds.