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Collage of Various BoxPops | Container Bar and Rooftop Deck Collage of Various BoxPops | Container Bar and Rooftop Deck
Collage of Various BoxPops | Container Bar and Rooftop Deck


How to use modified shipping containers to serve, entertain, and engage target audiences.

Shipping containers are increasingly being used at venues to drive purchases, sponsorships, monetize empty space (like a parking lot), and deliver more memorable experiences for spectators.

Converted shipping containers deliver unique design-build flexibility adaptable to a client’s specific needs. Couple that with their eye-catching “cool factor,” and it’s no wonder these modular, custom steel structures are revolutionizing everything from mobile food and beverage service to the way independent brands, event organizers, and venue hosts create more impactful memories for attendees at live events.

Check out this rundown of top ways popular brands, venue managers, and event organizers have tapped BoxPop® and Britten’s 360° branding capabilities to help build hype, inspire customer loyalty, and even boost a venue’s bottom line.

Custom Shipping Container Eatery | Pod Park Eatery


More spacious than a food truck for stoves, coolers, taps, and workers. Customize for grab-and-go food offerings or configure seating/service outside the pod anyway you want. Custom shipping container restaurants have a ton of great benefits going for them and can help independent food service operators and venue managers realize new profits from underutilized stadium parking space.

Set up a full-service restaurant operated by stadium staff or an entire food court of turnkey mobile kitchens rented and run by local or franchise restaurant owners. Either way, sports and concert fans outside your venue get a unique tailgating experience while your venue reaps the financial reward.

A Custom Shipping Container Being Used as a Retail Space for Books


Modified shipping containers deliver functional, versatile pop-up retail space that makes traditional gift and stadium shwag shops look and feel boring by comparison. Because container stores are easily transportable and come in a variety of sizes to fit any footprint, venue organizers and independent retailers have the freedom to setup shop at any high-traffic location.

Container-based retail shops can be easily customizable inside and out to suit the brand aesthetic and products you’re trying to promote. But best of all, custom shipping containers let venues and private sellers test new ideas and/or expand their retail offerings without expensive construction costs and long-term commitment of establishing a traditional brick-and-mortar-type store.

A Shipping Container for a Sponsor at the LPGA | BoxPop with Foam Prop and Signage Custom Shipping Container for Outdoor Events | Pop-Up Product Display


Custom shipping containers transformed into mobile showrooms provide venue sponsors and independent businesses a unique product showcase in a fun and profitable environment. Whether at a tradeshow, sporting event, concert, or festival, pop-up showrooms let companies build hype, broaden awareness of a new product line, and generally deliver experiences that can bond customers to the brand.

Use for product demos or simply inform. Shipping container showrooms can be totally customized to included everything from branded signage and sound systems to interior lighting and even TVs to convey important product details. Mobile container showrooms are mobile, eye-catching, and proven to create hundreds of new selling/branding opportunities anywhere tailgaters or venue attendees gather.

Shipping Container Brewery | 3D Letters for Retail Storefront Custom SUV and Shipping Container | Beverage Stand at Music Concert


Shipping containers and serving up fun, adult beverages go together like tacos and Tuesdays. Or how about moonshine and mason jars? You get the point. Whatever you call them—mobile taprooms, pop-up container bars—there’s something cool about a shipping container turned into bar or outdoor beer garden that people just want to be a part of.

Whether you’re an independent brewer, winery operator, or venue manager looking for extra turnkey revenue, custom design-build containers let you configure a pop-up serving space however you want. Refrigerators. Kegerator taps. Rooftop decks. Plumbing for running water. Much like the base of a Tinkertoy system, a modular shipping container bar can also serve as a base for expanded fan activation zones complete with trusses, lighting, flag poles, and promotional signage.

Custom shipping container for the Miami Dolphins at an event


Looking to build a unique selling environment for indoor concessions and merchandise? How about creating a memorable, experiential space for sports fans centered around team spirit or unique gameday activities? It’s hard to beat the versatility and limitless fabrication possibilities you get by using custom shipping containers as the backbone of your activation/display.

Converted custom shipping containers are mobile and deliver open-air engagement without crowding spectators. Pop-up bars, eateries, and even live stages equipped with LED screens and sound systems are possible. Use a single container or create an entire “fan village” packed with immersive container-based experiences that encourage families to play and make memories together.

Custom Shipping Containers With Restaurants and Bars at an Outdoor Water Park Custom Shipping Container With Seating Area and Rooftop Space | Outdoor Lounge Area


Thanks to the inherent mobility and flexibility in design options, container-based VIP lounges and event activations are now a go-to favorite for companies looking to take their brand experience on the road. VIP lounges can be used inside at convention centers or outdoors at concerts and multi-day festivals with locking security.

From a simple phone- and laptop-charging station to elaborate container VIP suites completely branded, furnished, and custom equipped for food/beverage service, creating a standout brand experience with modified shipping containers is only limited by your imagination and budget. Modified container structures deliver a trendy, cool look that turns heads and entices curious spectators/customers. Brands that use this opportunity to create a fun experience often see their efforts rewarded with chatter and photos online.

Shipping Container Restroom | High Quality Portable Restrooms Luxury Mobile Bathrooms | Portable Restrooms for Events


Simply the best luxury restroom for outdoor events. Custom restroom containers are built for comfort and semi-permanent use by event organizers and venues aiming to deliver upscale facilities for spectators and fans.

Combining class, portability, and higher capacity—meaning units can be used by more people for longer periods of time before needing to be emptied—these spacious, multi-stall units put a premium on cleanliness and high-end options: great lighting; flushable toilets; insulated walls; real sinks with hot and cold running water; total HVAC/climate control for odor control; custom paint; decals, and signage outside so the unit blends seamlessly with its surroundings.

You bring the idea. We do the build, deliver, and can even install. BoxPop transforms upcycled cargo containers into brewpubs, restaurants, or anything else you can dream up. Click here to see what’s possible, or call 855-763-8205 to talk to a team member.