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3 new architectural millwork trends

Top design predictions that will shape the woodworking industry in 2021.

Within the last decade, we’ve seen the traditional, woodworking industry completely evolve. An old-world trade that used to require basic tools now operates with hundreds of advanced machinery and technology systems. And with that comes the opportunity to build new, never-before-seen products while also allowing for dozens of new market trends to emerge.

What’s expected to be hot in 2021? Take a look at these three predictions from the new-world craftsmen at Britten WoodWorks:

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What’s old, is new. With sustainable business practices only becoming more popular, WoodWorks’ sales representative Dan Hansen sees many companies wanting to incorporate reclaimed wood items into the branding of their office spaces. Rustic elements that would have been tossed away in the past, he says, will be used to create custom coffee tables, benches, stools, ceiling panels, and even centerpiece sculptures.

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Even with the release of the COVID-19 vaccines, Hansen believes that social distancing—specifically in the healthcare industry—will be a hard habit to shake. “Waiting room furniture will need to be lightweight, moveable, and have the ability to separate into multiple seating options if needed,” he predicts. “Social distancing signage will likely become even more prevalent, too, encouraging companies to make this messaging stylish, sturdy, and unique.”

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In years past, you could pick one or two materials to use for an entire interior project. Now, Hansen sees the trend of people combining several materials at once to create spaces with a truly one-of-a-kind look and feel. “One remodel may use high-pressure decorative laminate, quartz countertops, specialty plastics, and traditional veneers and hardwood all in the same space,” he says. “Limits no longer exist. In fact, when done right, the broader your material pallet the more it projects a ‘cooler’ vibe and more eclectic brand.”