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Branding Ideas for Concerts & Festivals

Branding for Concerts & Festivals

by Britten Inc  


Britten has an experienced team to print and execute beautiful branding for concerts & festivals, or really any event that draws a crowd. 

From years of working with concert-promoters and venues across the United States, Britten knows where sponsorship signage looks and performs best: stage graphics, fencing, way-finding, and backdrops – the list goes on! Not only can we flawlessly print event graphics, we also offer advice for innovative display ideas. Along with print and execution, our experienced installation team can project manage and execute any event signage program.

EventTruss entrances are perfect for concerts & festivals!

#1. Elegant Entrances

Want to create a memorable entrance that fans won’t soon forget? Create strong, lightweight structures with Britten’s versatile building display system.

Event infrastructure is a snap with EventTruss – this modular event signage and banner display system can snap together to form any shape and configuration. From entryways to complex displays, EventTruss can be used to create any indoor or outdoor structure you can imagine.

 Available in multiple lengths and eight different connectors, create a new truss structure or use one of Britten’s preset configurations. All EventTruss components are made from light-weight aluminum, making them 62% lighter than steel, yet offer high strength and easy assembly.

Stage Backdrops for Concerts & Festivals

#2. Beautiful Backdrops & Spectacular Speakers

Backdrops are a great way to utilize space and add rich color to an event. They can be printed on any material—vinyl, mesh, canvas, fabric, or backlit vinyl—making them one of our more versatile branding and promotional products. Compact and lightweight, fabric backdrops can be folded up and reused again and again without worrying about wrinkles or creases!

Printed Fencing for Concerts & Festivals 

#3. Fantastic Fences for Festivals

Fencing is often essential to keep attendees within or outside of a specific area. But you can transform plain, existing fences with printed graphics by Britten. The wind-permeable AdMesh technology lets the wind flow and makes for a lighter banner to handle. But fencing isn’t the only thing you can cover with our versatile mesh; this wind-resistant, outdoor advertising solution is great for obscuring storage or construction areas, and it’s perfect for covering speakers, too! 

Flags for Festivals

#4. Phenomenal Flags for Festivals

The durable material and quality printing technique make our flags ideal for outdoor display, while the vibrant color and versatile hanging options allow for indoor use as well. All flags are screen printed with special dyes so that the image appears on both sides of the fabric, making them long-lasting marketing tools.

Wayfinding Signage

#5. “Can’t Miss It” Wayfinding Signage

Does a lack of clear wayfinding have your attendees walking in circles? Britten offers a wide range of rigid materials that are perfect for permanent or short-term solutions.

  • Economical substrates like Coroplast (corrugated plastic) can be cut into the shape of arrows, or logos… or even caricatures of the band members.
  • Environmentally friendly materials like Kemilite (corrugated cardboard) is perfect for the “earth first” crowd.
  • Reinforced Dibond (aluminum-covered foam) is a heavy duty solution that will last for years.

All of them are a great way to direct your fans to the food trucks, merchandise tents, event stages, or other facilities such as restrooms, first aid stations, or your lost & found area.

Custom Pop Up Tent

#6. Tremendous Event Tents

Simple as a pop-up, yet sturdy as a structure, MasterTent is the world’s most advanced portable event tent.

Unlike pop-up tents, which have the reputation to be cheap and flimsy, MasterTent far exceeds as the world’s premium portable event tent. Fine-crafted in Italy, MasterTent is exclusively available through Britten. With several different framing options, each tent can be customized with digitally printed tent graphics.

Set-up in less than a minute, without tools or center columns! MasterTent is a sturdy, attractive tent, perfect for event marketing. The quality-constructed frame is made of lightweight, durable anodized aluminum. The fabric is wind tunnel-tested, tear resistant, waterproof, and fire retardant. After teardown, the MasterTent folds into a compact carrier, ready to go to the next event!

Rascal Flatts Entrance Truss

#7. Unique Event Executions

We get it. You want to create the experiential event of a lifetime—the kind that engages attendees with a well-executed, interactive environment and leaves them tweeting, Instagramming and blogging about it all year. And you probably don’t want to deal with 20 different vendors to make it happen. With innovative display hardware and beautifully printed graphics, Britten can transform any idea into a reality. We can follow your plans or engineer our own. With design, production, and installation capabilities, there’s no event project too large—or too small.

We have all of the resources in-house to create a stellar experiential event. Just tell us about your vision and we’ll help make it happen!