Banner Frames

  • Big Picture Peoria 50x30 OVIO Building Frame for Public Art Initiative
  • BannerStretch™ Spring-Tensioned Outdoor Banner Frame
  • 12x12 BannerStretch Frame
  • Wall Mounted Banner Frame
  • ovio banner frame outdoor
  • Huge Outdoor Banner Stretching Frame
  • BannerStretch frame at Daytona International Speedway
  • seg banner
  • BannerStrech Frame
  • BannerStretch Eastern Carolina University
  • BannerStretch frames at Wilmot's ticketing entrance
  • OVIO™ Large Format Exterior Banner Frame

BannerStretch™ Spring-tensioned large format banner wall frame


Get a beautiful framed sign with the highest durability on the market. The best prints deserve to be framed. BannerStretch creates a tight, framed sign in three simple steps: 1) snap open frame 2) place banner and set clamps 3) close frame. It’s as easy as that. Inside this banner-stretching frame, the clamps are adjustable so any “waviness” is removed. The final result is a perfectly smooth graphic! Use both indoors and out, without worrying about corrosion or rust. Available in anodized silver or powder coated finishes, and custom cut for any size banner up to 24’. That means no unsightly seams for a flawless presentation.

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OVIO™ Large Format Exterior Banner Frame


Utilize this revolutionary framing technology for sleek, large-format advertisements. Designed for professionals, the OVIO framing system’s robust design allows for an ultra-simple, user-friendly placement. The exclusive ‘clipping’ technique goes up quickly and gives the canvas perfect tension, every time. Clean and discreet, OVIO is the ideal support structure to enhance visual displays. The non-invasive frame allows each print more space to make a statement, while the eyelets and fasteners are completely masked for a sleek, high-tech look. Not only does the high-tech design look great, but it’s easy to install, take-down, and store!

Technical Details:

  • Designed to withstand extreme temperatures, from -31ºF to 176ºF
  • Maximum resistance to all weather conditions
  • No hinges, no moving parts
  • 100% non-corrosive aluminum
  • Can be painted and powder-coated to match any surface color and texture
  • Installed flush against a wall or as a stand-alone structure
  • Technical Specification and UL and TUV Ratings available 

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Super thin Infinity™ SEG fabric wall frame

Infinity™ Frame

With a virtually borderless appearance and anodized aluminum edge, the Infinity Frame is the sleekest, highest quality frame available. But this display boasts more than just good looks. Designed with razor thin edge channels, media is easy to install and perfectly tensioned when paired with Britten’s silicone-edged fabric banners.

Technical Details:

  • Anondized aluminum frame is lightweight and easy to hang
  • 3/4″ deep and available in several standard sizes
  • Allows for fast and simple media replacement with perfectly tensioned appearance
  • Fabric banners are light weight, elegant and wrinkle-free
  • Powder-coated in silver color with clear protective coat (custom colors available)
  • High-quality materials are 100% made in the U.S.A.

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