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KONE Calls on Britten for Temporary Partition Wall System

Novi, Michigan


Business is always on the rise for KONE Inc! A global leader in elevator and escalator engineering, this producer of vertical transportation is focused on moving upward. Undertaking an escalator installation project for the Twelve Oaks and Somerset malls in southeast Michigan, KONE needed a temporary partition wall system that would create separation from the general public while work was underway.

Requiring a portable wall solution that could completely encapsulate the worksite but was flexible enough to disassemble and reinstall at future project locations, KONE Inc called upon Britten for an elevated solution


Intending to complete the escalator installation while maintaining stair access for mall patrons, KONE needed a temporary partition wall system that would seclude the worksite but leave a functional corridor. The answer was Modular Temporary Walls by Britten! Efficient and effortless to install, Britten was able to provide over 340 linear feet of 8’ tall portable walls that completely enclosed the workspace.

Drawing from a CAD render, the panels conformed neatly around the irregularly shaped workspace, spanning two levels of the Twelve Oaks mall while still affording a central avenue for patrons to access the staircase. Integrated with locked doors, this modular temporary wall perimeter offered KONE secure and simple access to the escalator jobsite. Intended for rapid deployment and multi-use application, KONE planned to reutilize these partition panels for a similar nearby project at The Somerset Collection.


Designed to create desired separation, modular temporary walls were the optimum option for KONE Inc and their installation efforts. Combined with a professional installation team to quickly erect the temporary barricades, Britten provided a full service package. Agile, adaptable, and able to be repurposed for later projects, these configurable partitions proved to be the perfect solution for creating secure jobsites while maintaining a functional space for the public.

“It’s been refreshing working with a company that delivers what they say they will,” said Jeff VanDreumel, Installation Superintendent of KONE inc. “[Britten] does not make you feel like an order but a potential customer, and still offers a fair price.” Britten offers the solutions and the assistance that makes any project effortless and puts clients at the forefront! As VanDreumel noted, “Working in a mall with the general public can be stressful enough, but having the team at Britten assist in my deliverables allows me to focus on what we are there for, vertical transportation!”

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