Expanding Atlanta’s Light Pole Banner Program

Atlanta, Georgia / December 10, 2018


Atlanta municipal authorities wanted to expand their extensive light pole banner program into a new city district. Unfortunately, the existing light poles in that part of town were built and erected in the 1970s. The manufacturer would not warranty the poles against the unknown stress caused by wind load once banners were attached.


Britten’s wind-spilling, wind-tunnel-tested BannerSaver™ brackets saved the day for the city. With our ability to provide concrete data for the stress created by any banner size and related wind load, the light pole manufacturer okayed approval for city officials to proceed with their banner program expansion.


Meticulously engineered to spill 87% of the wind load compared to less than 25% for standard bracket systems, BannerSaver™ is now the banner hanging hardware system specified by city engineers on six continents. BannerSaver™ delivers the necessary data to negate liability and safety concerns, while also providing long term peace-of-mind and a proven ROI for growing light pole banner programs.