Paul’s Corner, September 2017

Stadium Concerts

This huge concert backdrop was recently on display at Gillette Stadium, where Kenny Chesney was rockin’ the stage for #NoShoesNation. This wall of heavy knit fabric measures a staggering 40′ H x 80′ W and required special fabrication so the curtain could be lifted like an accordion.

For years, Britten has been the behind-the-scenes manufacturer for custom stage & theatrical drapes for everything from the small stage to huge stadium backdrops. Who knows? You might’ve seen our work at the last concert you saw!

This hotel in McLellan, CA is situated near the site of the former McClellan Air Force Base and contacted Britten about custom printing an aviation theme on our specialty wallpaper material.

While we love working on custom projects like this one, did you know that Britten has one of the largest selections of ultra high-quality landscape photography, perfectly suited for wall murals? You can browse our selection of photo murals by category to use our search!

Murals for Athletic Facilities

We love working with universities and athletic departments, too!

This wall decal was produced on a low tack decal called Busmark. Britten stocks a variety of specialty adhesives that are ideal for a wide range of applications, including floor graphics and window treatments.

OVIO™ Frames for Large Format Banners

Britten Services recently completed a project that included the installation of four large format OVIO frames & heavy duty banners for a university in central Florida.

Our exclusive OVIO framing system is designed for professionals and allows for an ultra-simple, user-friendly placement. The exclusive ‘clipping’ technique goes up quickly and gives the canvas perfect tension, every time. Clean and discreet, OVIO is the ideal support structure to enhance visual displays.

Our customer was highly satisfied, and already planning on banner frames on several other buildings!

Suspended Scaffolding in Manhattan

What you don’t see is a 26-story plunge down a ‘shaft’ in front of the wall!

Britten Services used suspended scaffolding to install this specialty 3M decal in vertical sections.

How can we help with your next creative project?

With over 400,000 sq. ft. of production space and a diverse range of capabilities, Britten is ready to fulfill your creative request.

We sincerely appreciate you and your patronage and wish you the very best.