Paul’s Corner, October 2018

Mecum Auctions

As the world leader in live auctions of collector and classic cars, motorcycles, tractors and memorabilia with events across the country, Mecum’s brand warrants the highest quality backdrop that money can buy.

These fabric banners are highly visible on the televised broadcast, and often travel from city to city for each upcoming event. Backlit Knit is the premium choice for a seamless, 20′ H x 10′ W banner that looks world-class, both up close and on T.V.


Banners for Conventions & Trade Shows: Over 30,000 festival attendees came from all over the world, and over 150 brands gave an up-close look at their best products and create the most over-the-top Instagram-able moments at every turn.

Huge banners like the 72′ H x 72′ W AdMesh™ banner shown above adorned the Los Angeles Convention Center, while vinyl banners wrapped columns called out the @BeautyConLA & #BeautyConLA tags.

Numerous backdrops (including the “Unicorn Wall”, shown below) shared a message of positivity and inclusion.

Fan Engagement & Graphics

Football is Back: Giant Foam3D™ letters and logos are perfect for engaging your fans. They’re a huge hit on social media, and an easy way to get thousands of impressions of your brand online. This fall, we’ve been contacted by dozens of schools, universities & athletic departments looking for these Selfie Signs to be painted with their team’s colors, also customized with full color decals. The display shown is sprayed with a durable synthetic coating to withstand the elements. Create something entirely unique for your ultimate game day experience!

Retail Advertising

Let’s Beauty Together: Sephora’s brand dominates this busy court at a major mall along the east coast. Precisely measured & applied by Britten’s installation team, this decal graphic is over 90′ in total width… That’s a whole lot of beauty!

Below, this 30′ H x 72′ W AdMesh™ banner announces the new shopping, entertainment & dining options that will soon be coming to Burlington, Massachusetts

Top Down Decoys

Britten is proud to help bring this project to life, just in time for hunting season: “This first product from Top Down Decoys comes as 12 finely detailed, reversible decoys. With a Canadian goose on one side and a Snow goose on the other, prepare to hunt two popular seasons with one great decoy.”

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