Paul’s Corner, June 2018

Bay to Breakers Annual Footrace

A staple of San Francisco culture for over a century, the Bay to Breakers gets its name from its starting point on San Francisco Bay and its ending point at the breakers along the shore of the Pacific Ocean.

What makes the Bay to Breakers truly unique, however, are the pit stop parties, where DJs and bands often provide a soundtrack for merrymaking at houses or random gatherings along the route.

“Truly Spiked & Sparkling” embraced this event for an experiential marketing opportunity that invited participants to post colorful sticky notes on Britten’s giant Foam3D™ letters — engaging them to answer, “What are you truly proud of?” The oversized can was also sculpted from 3D foam, coated in a glossy paint and covered with printed & cut vinyl decals.

Festival Branding for Thrive NC

On the other side of the country, Britten was asked to help plan & execute the branding for this inaugural event in North Carolina last month. Conceptual planning started with hand drawn sketches, and the various focal elements were then designed using 3D modeling software to bring each individual piece to life.

Rolling Loud Music Festival

Over 50′ wide and covered with metallic gold decal, this oversized bling welcomed attendees at the Rolling Loud festival last month. The pendent alone measured over 10′ tall by 15′ wide!

The 3-day music event started in Miami, FL and is now the largest Hip-Hop festival in the world. If you’re interested in creating your own custom statement piece, please contact us about your upcoming project.

Fabric Backdrops

We love the vibrant colors in these backdrops for Fresno State University!

Printing on fabric is a great choice for backdrops because it’s lightweight, and reduces glare and wrinkling often seen with traditional vinyl banners.

In the words of our customer, “I think the background worked very well and we got a lot of compliments on it.”

Victory Lane at Dover International Speedway

Racing season is underway, and to the victors go the spoils — this custom structure for the Sunoco Victory Lane at Dover International Speedway combines powder coated EventTruss™, a 10′ H x 20′ W heavy duty vinyl banner, and the header which is cut from aluminum and covered with long lasting, permanent decal material. The floor graphics on the opposite side are emblazoned with a giant Sunoco logo where the winners pose for photographs alongside a custom trophy stand.

Combine a high-banked, one-mile concrete oval, six NASCAR races, the East Coast’s largest music festival, a neighboring hotel and casino, and you have a formula for one of the most attractive sports and entertainment destinations in the mid-Atlantic region!

Selfie Signs for K-State

Our new Foam3D™ CNC router carves from huge blocks of foam that are perfect for making free standing letters like the Selfie Signs and photo opportunities you’ve seen at live events.

Look for the Powercat coming soon to the campus of Kansas State University!

Retail Advertising & Hardware Systems

Prime locations & proven shopper traffic: Simon Malls are ideal locations for experiential brand and product marketing. As their trusted media partner, Britten produces the proprietary hardware systems and is constantly fulfilling the world class graphics that go with them.

Shown at top left, BriteWall™ LED display systems like this one are installed at hundreds of shopping centers both indoors and outdoors, nationwide. At top right, thousands of BannerDrop™ ceiling mounted hoist systems have been installed at Simon malls and other locations all over the globe, raising and lowering display articles at the push of a button.

How can we help with your next creative project?

We believe our job is more than just printing and shipping orders. Our job is to bring you creative solutions, guide you through the entire process, answer any questions you may have, and always deliver the highest quality.

With over 400,000 sq. ft. of production space and a diverse range of capabilities, Britten is ready to fulfill your creative request.

We sincerely appreciate you and your patronage and wish you the very best.